Monday, June 2, 2014

Project 365, Week 22

Good morning!  What a weekend!  So many amazing things happening around here.

The big news that I haven't gotten a chance to mention here is that we rented our old house!!  Just one short year later we will have someone else paying the mortgage.  After saying "no" to dozens of applicants, we finally found the right fit.  They are a couple around our age with two kids in college.  He will be working at one of our local colleges, she is a master gardener and they are up for the challenges that a house that size and that old brings.  They move in later this month and we are praising the Lord!!

May 25
I had my race and then Shaun and I enjoyed a nice quiet day together at home without the kids, thanks to Pop and Kiki.

 May 26
Memorial Day!  The kids went to a couple cemeteries with my dad, who was the official prayer guy and then we met up to get the kids back.

We packed a picnic lunch and the six of us headed to a nearby state park that we'd never been to before.  (May family pic!)
May 27
We went to the store to buy a birthday present and Aiden found something he had to have and promised to work for it but asked if it didn't have to be sweeping.  :)

 This guy owns my heart.
 May 28
Amanda's class has been pen pals to another school in the state and this day they finally got to meet each other.  I was asked to take pictures of each pen pal pair.

Because of that, my sidekick was asking what a pen pal is.  I told Aiden that he is kind of a pen pal to Rocco because he sends him random drawings and Rocco sends something back.  He said, I think I would like to be pen pals with Trey, too....and that Texan-boy (speaking of his cousin Levi).  Haha!

 We had just gotten home when Shaun texted me that I needed to bring Aiden over to the old house right away.  This is what we saw when we pulled up.
 The lift that was delivered by semi eight years ago and sat in the driveway not running all that time was finally the scrap yard.  Oh well.

When Avery was there later and noticed it was gone she said, Oh!  But me and Amanda had fun playing kitchen in that!  So there you have it...not a total waste.  :)
 I love my life.  :)
 May 29
Amanda's 2nd grade class celebrated their first communion this spring and this day they had a school-wide mass ceremony.  Even though we are not Catholic, they did a nice job of letting her participate and just receive a blessing.

Have I mentioned we love our school??  They have never made us feel bad or left out or obligated because of our differences, on the contrary, they are highly respectful and supportive of our perspective as Christians.

 Roof work before the new tenants move in.  It all needs to be done but they are starting with the part that actually leaks into the second floor bedroom when it rains.

Nathan was our hero this week!  He was high up on the roof for about 25 hours (in three days!).  It is hot, nasty work and he's got lots of other things he could be doing.  So thankful!

 These carts clearly state that you are not to ride on them, but how can you not??
Later, Aiden joined up with his six-weeks-older-than-him-cousin-and-BFF Rocco to help celebrate his birthday.  
 They also dipped in the pool.  Love the expression Amy captured.

May 30
Our 20th wedding anniversary!!  Shaun spent most of the day up on the roof and I spent most of it driving up to Boston in the truck to pick up shingles.

 Shaun and I were eventually able to sneak out to dinner.  So in awe of God's goodness to us these 20 years and so in love with this man, THE one for me.
 May 31
That same man was outside at 7 o'clock in the morning washing my car so I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive it to the wedding I was shooting.  So romantic!
And that wedding was simply amazing!  Stunning details and people who treated me like a treasured part of the warm and friendly!

Also, Meg was along with me and that always makes it great. It still amazes me that I get to do this.

Hope you have a great week.  Let's get every ounce of living out of June that we can!!


Amy said...

So awesome! A good week indeed, on so many levels.

Meg A. said...

Such a great week! Wish we could do Saturday again, such an amazing day!

sara said...

beautiful week!!! but we need to know the story of why the girls are smiling in that one picture and Aiden is crying!!!

The Bug said...

I'm with Sara - what's up with Aiden? He's usually so serene (or is that just how the pictures usually capture him?).

Love the reception at the wedding - so pretty.

Charlena Leonard said...

That is amazing news! I'm glad you finally found the right fit to rent your old house. I'm sure they'll take good care of your old home. Anyway, it looks like you all had a great week. Whoever took those photos have the potential to be a great photographer. The shots are just amazing! Wishing you and your family all the best! :)

Charlena Leonard @ Weidner Law