Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aiden Turns Five

Aiden-Guy celebrated a little birthday last week.  Actually, it was a big one, because now he uses all five fingers of his hand.  

Sunday birthday are fun!  He wanted to help me make his special birthday breakfast...french toast and bacon.  (For lunch he had a butter and chocolate sandwich and for dinner he had a bag of popcorn, followed by ice cream cake...just the way he wishes he could eat everyday).

 Mega Sports Camp wrap-up was Sunday morning at the host church, with the promise of a certificate and a boogie-board.  It was very cool to have all seven of us sitting in church together in the same pew.  That never happens.
 When we got home he opened presents...

 ...and had a couple visitors stop by.

 My Little Roo (also Roo, Roofus, Roof) "They" say there is something special about a momma and her boy(s).  I can only speak for myself, but we definitely have a good thing going.  We've had two full years of being alone together while the girls have gone off to school and its been magical.  We have so much fun and I feel so, so, so blessed to have had the time.

When I came downstairs, dressed for church, Aiden said to me, Momma, your outfit is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.  :)

I asked him several times what he wanted to do for his birthday and I got "let's worry about it when we get closer"...a true product of living in this spur-of-the-moment/flexible family.

The one thing he'd mentioned several times is that he'd like to go to a baseball game.  I'm sure he was thinking Red Sox, but I didn't think it would matter if it was actually the 20-minutes-away A-farm team for the Tigers.  Turns out, it didn't, in part because his Bro was there.
The DiSalvs joined us.  We sat like this for half of one inning and then we made full use of the space surrounding our seats.  Up to dance, to explore, to eat, to exchange baseball cards, to dance, to talk to staff, etc.

At the end, they had a run-around-the-bases event for the kids.  It was advertised that when you reached home plate, there was free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  As is turns out, it was a free piece of paper that said you could get a free ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's at the nearby casino.  The casino?? Are kids even allowed??  Such a scam.  But the kids still had fun and got a free baseball each.

On our way out, the kids snagged the mascots for autographs.

Fun was had by all!

I made my first ice cream cake, by request.  Chocolate seems to be a winner in whatever form.  :)

Aiden is such a great kid.  He is smart and independent, always wanting to figure out how things work.  He loves "man things" like sports and tools.  He is very trustworthy.  He has a heart for God and is already keenly aware that He has a special plan for his life.  Aiden is very welcoming and accepting of all the people who flow through this house.  He's just a really cool kid and I'm so glad we've been entrusted with his life for this short time.

O my son, give me your heart. May your eyes take delight in following my ways.
Proverbs 23:26


LuAnn said...

I love this post Lisa, and I getbthe mom and son thing. And we still have it going here. There is a girlfriend now, since October but he has not forgotten about me.

Amy said...

A very cool kid indeed!!! He's just so, so special. Love him to bits! And he's right about your cute dress!

Ashley Beth said...

Aww, that mother-son relationship is so incredibly sweet. I feel very blessed to have the same gig going with my boys. What a sweet comment he made about your dress, heartwarming for sure!

Love Shaun's Bronco football t-shirt. We aren't big football fans but being in Colorado means it's Broncos all the way whenever we do get into a game!

The Bug said...

What a great day for a special kid! Looks like we have similar appetites - ha!