Sunday, July 13, 2014

Project 365, Week 28

On Sunday we returned the two respites kids we'd had the prior week, one who had been a ton of not-fun work.  I went for a long run to shake it all out and was looking forward to this week when R would be at at camp Mon-Fri and the five of us would get some time.

It was not meant to be.  On Tuesday we got a desperate phone call, asking if we'd take S (who we've had on respite many times) for just two weeks until he moved into his dorm room at college.  We agreed, and within a couple hours Shaun was picking him up.

The kids attended Mega Sports Camp from 5-8 each night, learning lots about soccer and God.  They LOVED every moment of it and were quite sad to see it end.  I was there taking pictures most of the week, so I'll do a separate post with those.

July 6
I did a family photo shoot for an old family friend at a beautiful park.  I brought Avery along and we had a fun time being together.  We also reminisced about the first day we met Z as a family, since we went to this park to play.

July 7
The morning began with a frantic search for a missing R.  I went to wake him up and he had not slept in his bed.  After about 20 minutes of pacing, praying and calling, he poked his head out of the car where he'd slept the night!  We'd accidentally locked him out of the house after he'd been out with the youth group and he thought it was better to sleep in the car than to ring the doorbell at 11 PM.  Phew!  But, we found him just in time for him to go to youth camp for the week.

A lovely day at the pool with my mom, brother and sister and their crews.

 Renna is scrumpious!
 So happy to have Juliet here for the summer and thankful that she and Maddy have gotten some good time together.
 One more week until Baby B (a girl)!
July 8
When the big kids are gone, the little kids tend to do little kid things.  Avery found some crafts on Pinterest and they played dolls.
 July 9
Beating the heat at the river.

 July 10
Shaun pulled Amanda's tooth out just before bed the night before.  She left a note for the tooth fairy, requesting $5, a Klondike bar and that her tooth be left.  She got two out of three.  :)

She lost her two bottom teeth almost a year ago and nothing since.  We will be paying lots of money for this smile in the years to come.
 July 11
The four of us played Clue.
 In doing Aiden's birthday slideshow, I realized I am not in enough photos with my kids.  I'm going to try to be more deliberate about that.
 July 12
10 AM, waking my little guy out of a sound sleep for the last time as a four year-old.  :(
 Now that there are four of us in the C4 Communications company, someone thought we should have a company picnic.  It was a beautiful day and lots of fun!  The story of this company is such a God-thing and I'm honored to be a small part of it.



LuAnn said...

I so enjoy seeing the joy in your kids faces just lovin' life.

Amy said...

That bubble picture is sooooooooo cool! Seemed like a good week full of summer fun!

sara said...

I am actually a bit weepy looking at your pictures this week....with Jason getting married on Friday, these pictures bring back so many memories of when he was young. and though I am so happy about the wedding I just can't figure out how the time went so fast.

The Bug said...

I agree about the bubble picture - fabulous! Looks like a good week, even if it was different than you'd imagined. You guys are doing such a good thing...