Sunday, July 6, 2014

Project 365, Week 27

Happy Second Half of the Year!  Its not too late to make this an incredible year and now would be a great time to start!

We took on a sibling pair for respite this week, one with significant developmental delays, so we settled in to do "the kid thing" most of the week.  I've done a lot of things I wouldn't have previously thought I could do, but I'm seeing first-hand that in my weakness, HE makes me strong and His grace is enough.  So thankful.

June 29
My sister kept our three littles overnight after church and R was still at the Royal Rangers pow wow, so Shaun and I had a lovely, slow morning together.  We went to our favorite bagel shop and reminisced about how we used to do that all the time.  In this season, our time alone is scarce, making it all the more precious when we get it.

Later, after picking up Z, we went to cousins house to help celebrate Trevor's 8th birthday.  There are FIVE cousins missing from this picture (one who will be joining this world in about a week!!)...what a crew!

 Though I have some pretty incredible BILs, Tim still holds the place of my favorite brother.

June 30
I'm still getting used to Shaun being around after three straight summers of him being neck-deep in extensive remodeling projects.  Its not that I don't love having him here with us, its just taking a bit for me to be assured that its really happening.
 The girls and I found a shady spot to read our respective books....a dream come true.

Girls Night Out!  We try to hit this place once a summer, its just such an amazing spot.  The table we had just vacated is there in the middle.  The night was perfection.
 July 1
R went with a group to the amusement park, so it was just us and we hit the river.

 July 2
The river.
 July 3
Shaun spotted a butterfly caught in a web and recruited our resident super hero for the job.  He valiantly rounded up the net, but it turned out to be a bigger job than the little super hero could handle, so he called in the big super hero, who can do anything.

 Kids bowl free during the summer and the bowling alley has A/C.  Its also something children of most ages and abilities can do, so that's where we ended up.  $20 for an adult and six kids to bowl for the afternoon...not bad.

 When the afternoon got late enough, we headed back to the water.
 To me, splash park pictures just never get old.  Love the pure joy faces.
 July 4
Happy Independence Day!!
July 5
These two thought they were stylin' headed out the door for church.  I said Aiden, you don't have to button your shirt all the way to the top.  He said, yeah, I no one sees my chest.
I paced myself just enough to get to today, and now I am done.  Ready to send some children off and reset for a couple hours.  A good 10-mile run should do the trick.

Have a great week...I know I am looking forward to mine!

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The Bug said...

That is a LOT of cousins! My goodness! I'm glad they have fun together. Love that family pic on the 4th with Aiden apparently not in the mood :)