Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Project 365, Week 35

Back to reality today after a fun-filled, family-filled Labor Day weekend.  My heart is full.

August 24
Sienna asked me to do a mini-photoshoot for Alayna who is soon to be the birthday girl.  While she was taking a potty break, I snapped this one of Amanda.  She has such a depth of beauty.

 The day weighed a bit heavy as we packed up E.  What was supposed to be a night or two turned into a month and in that time she stole our hearts.

It is painful to not have her here where I can hug her and speak life to her and tuck her safely into bed.  She stays in our prayers and conversations and the other foster home is open to us visiting, so we'll make sure we make that effort.

I couldn't do this if I didn't believe with everything in me that God is sovereign, God is good and  He has a plan.  Does that mean I always understand?  No, in fact I question often but I know that I can trust Him.  I have to trust Him.  I get to trust Him.

 August 25
First day of school.

 Loaded down with classroom supplies.
 Much later the littlest student woke up.  Kindergarten!

He was excited for school to start.  His two requests:

1. a science experiment everyday
2. that we learn about wars, most specifically WWII

 I was so happy the first day ended at noon.  Its always so sad to send them back, though we feel like we have the very best school ever, and just steps from our house.  Truly thankful.
 After shopping on and off for two years, it was finally the day to pick up our new family car, to replace our 10 year old car that was really too small for our family.

What a blessing that old car was.  We bought it 5.5 years ago when I was pregnant with Aiden and three carseats were not going to fit across the backseat of my beloved Jeep Grand.

When Shaun was looking, he asked me for input.  The only thing I said was I really didn't want red.  Well, he found an amazing deal on a red one and I ended up really liking it.

I remember the day we picked it up, about an hour from our house, Shaun dropped me and the girls off at a McD that had a playscape while he did all the paperwork.  A barely two Amanda had an accident while playing so I was in this McD bathroom with a 2 & 3 year old and a big belly, washing underwear and drying them under the hand dryer.  Good times.

With this car Shaun asked for my input and I said I would like Pearl White and a backup camera.  I got both.  For this Momma who has no idea from day to day how many kids are at her house, I like to look in the camera to make sure there are no strays in the driveway as I'm backing out.  Just in case.

This time picking up the car we were four minutes from home and everyone is fully potty trained.  On the short ride over the three kids argued over which seat they were going to sit in in the new car that we didn't even have yet.  Awesome.  :)

So grateful for a wise, patient husband who does his homework and waits for the best deal and who works hard to make it all possible.  I love that he involved the girls in the decision as much as possible, laying the groundwork for when they will be making their own big purchases.  We think he's pretty awesome.
 August 26
A ladder in the house is a good sign!
 This boy.  Talking, talking.  And always keeping himself busy.
 August 27
I have officially delegated Kindergarten science to Avery.  I charged her with researching and planning a science experiment once a week for Aiden.  Hopefully my only involvement will be picking up supplies from the list Avery gives me.  She's super excited and I think it will be a win-win....only time will tell.
 August 28
The first science experiment of the new school year.  Avery got this apron (orange is Aiden's favorite color) especially for this purpose.
 Aiden came to where I was doing laundry.

Mom, don't freak out.
Ok, what's up?
(holds out this shredded shirt)
What happened??
I wanted to make it like a button-down shirt.
You cut it??
Aiden, you ruined your shirt.
No, we can tape it.
(insert typical Mom lecture about the use of scissors)
Well, at least he'd worn it enough for it to have stains on it.  :(
 August 29
The three of us were busy bees getting ready for Lobster Fest weekend.  Aiden was in his element.
 August 30
Our family had arrived late the night before.  After breakfast, we walked to R's high school to watch a bit of his scrimmage.  (Yes!  We got to have Z for the weekend!)
 #60.  It was really good to see R on the field and hanging out with the guys.  His arms are black and blue all over, but he seems to love it.
 Cousins had spent the night at Meg's so they could do all of their Friday night activities and then she dropped them off to me in the morning.  Immediately, we made a loud, happy crowd.
 The afternoon was spent at my mom's house, enjoying her beautiful yard and the amazing late summer day.  And most especially each other.
 August 31
10th Annual, if you can believe it!  (Much more to come soon!)


Amy said...

Aiden's Batman shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg A. said...

Oh my goodness, Aiden's shirt work?! Hilarious!!!

The Bug said...

At least it was a shirt & not hair (raises hand - ha!). I had "interesting" bangs for a while :)

I love seeing these kids that you bring into your home come back - it feels like old home week for me too.

Diana Hayes said...

We finally decided that it was time to get a new car and made the trip down to the local car dealership. I decided to go for the cars from this year that were being moved out for the new year models, and got the car I wanted for about $7,000 than I was already planning on spending. Keep an open mind and deals are bound to be presented.

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

Damion said...

Your children are beautiful. I can only imagine the feelings going through your mind with them all now in school after having them with you all the time. I only have one son who is only 18 months old and I know I am going to cry when he finally goes off to kindergarten for the first time..

Damion @ Jacky Jones Lincoln