Sunday, December 7, 2014

Project 365, Week 49

This week's photos come courtesy of cell phones/iPad.  Its not really his thing to take pictures (nor does it need to be...I've pretty well got that covered ;)), but many of these are Shaun's and I so appreciate him helping me get a glimpse of the things I'm missing.

November 30
My nephew Armand was christened and then Sarah and Tony hosted a luncheon.  Check out the centerpieces she made!
 Since the family was across the state for the day, Amy came over to break up my day and deliver food.  We got to hang with no kids!  :)  I'm so grateful for her.
 Nana stays up on the times...bedtime stories on the computer.
December 1
Post-treatment and feeling just well enough to watch a movie with the girls I'd promised them this week, in bed on a lap top screen.

When I asked the girls if they wanted to watch a Christmas movie with me, I was picturing White Christmas or Its a Wonderful Life.  Instead, they landed on the classic The Dog Who Saved Christmas, though I considered myself fortunate, because we were this close to watching Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.  PHEW!!
December 2
Sweet girls all match-y for bed coming in to kiss me goodnight.
December 3
No photo, tough day.

December 4
The kids and I did some kid-friendly Advent reading, starting just four days late using Thriving Family's materials.  It wasn't all peace and calm and twinkling Christmas lights but it was still beautiful.
 December 5
My first attempt to make zucchini noodles, this one with an avocado dressing.  It took five minutes and was pretty yummy.  I've done some research on raw food eating and some of the best cancer-fighting foods...there is an overload of information and everyone has their own opinion, it seems, but I figure its worth looking into at least.
December 6
Saturdays in December are all about squeezing as much as you can into one day, right?  Wrong, but that's what we tried to do this day.

While I dropped the girls at voice lessons, Shaun took Aiden to his very first basketball practice.  He loved it!  And when he got home, he thanked me for signing him up for it and making him go to the first practice.  (He was quite hesitant, if not resistant, at first...I wanted to record our conversation, as I'm pretty confident he'll have a life-long love of basketball, if his daddy is any indication).
For the past several years Shaun's grandfather has hosted a Christmas luncheon for his kids, grands and greats.  Since its getting harder for him to get out, Shaun's mom prepared all the food and held it at her house.  It looks festive!
Then Shaun took the girls to their first game of the season and Amanda's first-ever real game.  (They get to be on the same team this year!) Second-year Avery scored 12 points!
In the parent-divide-and-conqueror game, I think its safe to say I drew the short straw of the day.  ;) Since it was outside and therefore germ free, I got to watch Mud Bowl 2014, aka Class S State playoffs held across the state.
39* and steady rain to pouring, but thankfully I had my buddy with me.  Per request, we did math problems to pass the time.  And look...we're smiling!  :)  (Sadly, the team lost, ending a great season).
 After church, Shaun and a friend took this eclectic group of kids to CEC.  Good times.

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The Bug said...

So glad you have so much support! And that you're able to do some things... I'm intrigued by the zucchini noodles. Do you have one of those gadgets to make them?