Sunday, December 14, 2014

Project 365, Week 50

I was up and about and taking pictures this week, feeling good.

December 7
Proud finishers of "The Half".
 December 8
Amanda has been systematically asking us if she can get her ears pierced and this night her daddy thought it would be an appropriate time, given the good-for-her report card she brought home, for the first time ever with actual grades (first and second grade is just needs improvement, satisfactory, etc).

So, off to the mall they went.  Shaun held her hand and Avery took pictures and I think Aiden was cheering her on.

She was so sweet to call me twice, once to get my opinion on which earrings she should pick and throwing in an apology that she couldn't wait sooo long until I was feeling better and could be there and the second time to tell me the deed was done and her eyes had teared up a little bit.

 While there they did a little shopping too and Shaun, bless his heart, walked in the door looking like I feel after such an excursion.  I was going to say we are not a shopping family, but really its just that we are not shopping parents...the kids seem to think its great fun.

Except for Aiden who came back quite miffed because he'd put one of his hard-saved quarters into the helicopter ride, only to find out it was not only broken but also didn't give him his money back.

December 9
We were trying to get through school, but Aiden kept looking out the window longingly, talking about the puddles.

December 10
When Aiden wakes up he looks for me to say good morning but if he can't find me, he settles right into building ships and aircraft.
 The girls had their first-ever voice recital performing I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.
 Little Brother dressed himself handsome, too but wasn't feeling the group picture thing.
 At the last minute, a friend thought to FaceTime me so I could watch the girls sing live and then I got to talk to them immediately after.  It meant so much to me and to them.
 December 11
My girl is a snow-eating machine...always has been.
 Gingerbread House!  This kit came with the house already firmly assembled...just add frosting and candy, if there is any left after massive snitching....just our speed.  :)

December 12
This guy made some pretty neat creations this week with his hours of legos.  Its a lot of work to stay focused while he's telling me all about them.  But I try to remember the advice a friend gave me years ago....(paraphrasing) If you want them to talk to you about important stuff when they're teens, you need to lay the groundwork and listen to their "important" stuff when they are young.  Because right now to Aiden its important to him how his ship works and how many guns it has and which motors fire at which times.  Its work, but I'm trying.
December 13
Amanda did a science experiment in school where they roasted marshmallows with the open flame of a candle.  She came back super excited to do the experiment with Aiden.  So she made her daddy a list of supplies she would need.

The house didn't burn down and the kids got to eat marshmallows....I guess you call that a success.  :)


Amy said...

The ear piercing story is so sweet, though I'm still sorry you missed it. Seems like a great alternative. Love the pictures and love her two phone calls to you. You guys (all) are survivors. Such strength and beauty displayed. xoxox

sara said...

great advice from a friend about the kids and so very true!!! I remember Alyssa one time saying "MOM listen to me" and I replied, distractedly "I am" and she said "no mom, listen to me with your eyes!" such wisdom in a little girl....and I listened!!!

Do you know that my 23 year old son is getting a lego in his stocking?! and he asked for it! I love that they never outgrow legos!!! :)

LuAnn said...

How exciting for Amanda. So happy you are feeling better. My friend at church has her last chemo this Thursday. Is so excited to be done. (Started in May) I talked about you and you have another person praying for you.

The Bug said...

Ooh the girls are gorgeous in their red dresses! I'm a little jealous - I want a red dress!

I love how technology is making this hard journey a little easier. And I love Aiden's bright face with his lego creation :)