Sunday, December 28, 2014

Project 365, Week 52

The last week of the year...unimaginable! It was so filled with blessings my heart can hardly contain.

December 21
We had a quiet day at home four days before Christmas....forced, unprecedented, freeing, sweet.

These two in their on-again-off-again relationship had such a fun day together. You can tell we are very safe around here. Villains beware!
 A few snowflakes is all that's required for some fun in the "snow".

December 22
Shaun got out the big ladder and hung some snowflakes for me and then we had an Extreme Ladder Climbing event.

December 23
Celebrating school vacation with a little screen time.
December 24
My family conspired to move our traditional Christmas Eve service to my sister's house so I could be a part of it. My brother put together a beautiful service and it was an incredibly special evening. Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, all is bright.
December 25
Christmas Day was spent with 30 of the people I love most. What a gift!
December 26
With temps in the 50s and sunshine, we just had to go play.

December 27
With a great team effort, the house was de-Christmased. As much as I love Christmas, when its over I am happy to see everything get put away and I will surely rest easier this week knowing its done.
We got some good time with the little guys while R was at his track meet. Games are really beginning to be fun and "Family Game Night" is starting to sound like it could be more enjoyable than painful someday.
 Dear friends brought dinner over and we had nice evening together.


LuAnn said...

So happy your Christmas was great. I know on the 26th we played yard games at my parents. Crazy weather!!!!!
I took Christmas down today. Nice to have the housenback to normal. Thinking about you tomorrow. Pray the week goes well.

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week! That littlest one looks like she could be a gymnast :)

We'll see how long Christmas stays up at our house - after all we missed a week of it being in NC with family...