Monday, December 1, 2014

Doing Battle, Week 10

As an example of how sweetly God takes care of His children, my off week from treatments lands on the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Its nothing we could have planned for, but I was feeling my best on Thanksgiving and it will be the same for Christmas.  The holidays, and being able to be with family, mean so much to me so I just think that's kinda cool that God worked that out.

The week, for me at least, was quiet and restful.  I wasn't responsible for any cooking or baking, there  was just a little construction clean up to do.  But that's happy cleaning because it means progress on the house.  Actually, I'm a bit weird in that I enjoy cleaning in general.  Not the throwing away empty wrappers that the kids have left on the counter...again! But the taking care of my house and my family kind.

That's how I spend the day before and doing laundry.  Its good praying time and it just helps me mentally prepare for what's coming while feeling like I'm doing something.  Plus I like knowing that someone won't be looking for an article of clothing that's in the laundry, because its all clean.  I move at a slower pace, but it all gets done.

Shaun's doing a great job with the grocery shopping.  There was a time earlier in our marriage that I would pick him apart if he tried to help out with one of "my" things.  For instance, if he went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, I couldn't just be grateful....I'd wonder aloud why he got that brand of sour cream or those kinds of apples.  I guess I felt threatened that he would do a better job than me?  Or my pride was hurt that he did do a better job?

At some point I got convicted for picking at him about something that didn't matter and saw what a fool I was for not just appreciating the help when I had it.

Now here we are and I haven't stepped foot in a retail store in a month and a half.  Shaun is doing his very best at the grocery store and even though its not "the way I've always done it", its good, and in some cases better.  And I'm so grateful!

As great as he is, there are some things I just can't bear to ask him to do.  For those things, Amy and Laryssa stepped in this week, buying bedding and picture frames and curtains for the guest room and picked up my photo order and balloons for Amanda's party and flowers.

As I'm typing in these early morning hours, my phone just dinged across the room and I smiled immediately because I know it is someone letting me know they are thinking of me and praying for me as I head into round #4 this morning.  Yesterday the messages came in and more will stream in this morning.  Likely some cards in the mail this week too.  I am completely humbled that so many can even keep track of which week is treatment week.

Many describe cancer as a lonely journey and I've definitely experienced some dark, lonely times.  But mostly I feel like I have an army with me....loving me, praying for me, believing with me, taking care of me.  People who are pressing in closer to our mess instead of running from it.  Community is beautiful.  Its more than my heart can even comprehend.

I'm taking your love and this verse into the treatment with me today:

Do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be afraid, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you; I will help you;
I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.


sara said...

this statement " People who are pressing in closer to our mess instead of running from it" just hit me so hard this morning. As I realized I know what this feels people in my life do the same with our situation. And I realize how blessed I am to have friends that will press into my mess! So thankful you do to!!

I love how God knows us individually and knows our hearts desires... He knows how important holidays are to you and worked everything out perfectly. He loves you so much!

Ashley Beth said...

Covering you in prayer this AM. May God our Healer search your body & soul and find every little thing that needs to be removed and replace it with His peace, healing, and strength. I will be praying for you all week!

The Bug said...

Still praying in Ohio...

Meg A. said...

HALFWAY BABY!!! WOOHOO! So, so proud of you. You are SO brave and it's an honor for those of us who love you to pray for you and stand with you. And I love that God works out the timing of it all...doesn't surprise me though! xoxo