Sunday, June 7, 2015

Project 365, Week 23

May 30
Its not super romantic, but its our life. We started our anniversary at the soccer field. Grandma and Bobbi and Pop and Kiki took the kids and finished the weekend with them so we could get away.

 We drove up to Ogunquit, ME and stayed at the Cliff House Resort. I took this screen shot from their website and it is every bit of lovely that they say it is.
After a relaxing afternoon, Shaun took me to a lovely restaurant in town. Good food, good service, great company. We talked about how thankful we are for our 21 years of marriage. There is no one I'd rather do this crazy life with.
May 31
We slept with the slider open so we could hear the waves crashing. Out on our patio, I had a perfect seat to watch the sun come up.
 Seeing that rain was in the forecast for the next couple days, we decided to head right out. It was perfect weather to walk the Marginal Way and sit at the beach for a bit before heading back. We ate a leisurely breakfast and got back to our hotel just as the raindrops started. Turns out you can have the hot tub all to yourself when its 50 degrees and raining. :)

June 1
Savoring our last morning...

Just one selfie for the weekend because Shaun doesn't love it when I turn the camera on him. Its his only flaw so I deal with it. ;) It was a time of refreshment, reflection, relaxation...and fun! I'm so thankful we got to sneak away.
June 2
Baking with my little guy, with double duty of warming up the house!
June 3
Avery checks the box scores each morning before school, keeping up with her Red Sox. It was cute to hear these two discussing the game highlights.
My nephew Jared qualified for and competed in states. His meet was close-ish, so Aiden and I went to cheer him on.
As a bonus, his mom and little brother were there.
June 4
Department of Children & Families held a banquet to honor the graduating seniors. There were two other kids there who we've had on respite so it was good to see them, too and hear what they're up to for next year.

It was a nice event, except the woman who spoke was a few too many layers of bureaucracy removed from being even remotely in touch with what actually goes on in our homes. She blew a golden opportunity to give a motivational or at-a-boy speech to her captive audience by talking about how wonderful she and her PhD are. I believe her exact quote was "I think I'm pretty wonderful".

It made me tear up to watch these kids celebrating this milestone. To think of the stories I know and the ones that I don't...all that they've been through and have had to pull themselves up from to get to this point. They are brave and resilient and they've beat a lot of odds to get here.
June 5
Uncle Nathan had "man's work" to do, and he knew Aiden would be just right for the job. He sent me this picture while Shaun and I were enjoying time together at his office, kid-less. :)
June 6
I made a scheduling blunder and double-booked the girls for the weekend. They were supposed to go on a girls retreat with other 3-6 grade girls, which was great except it conflicted with a whole bunch of things on Friday and Sunday. So rather than have them miss it entirely, I drove them the two hours up to the camp on Saturday morning.

It was a beautiful place right on a lake, it was just This morning we left the house at 5 AM to do the four-hour round trip again and they reported that it'd been a wonderful experience and they were so happy they got to do it. They better have said that. ;)


Amy said...

Your resort looked lovely!!! That foster care speakers sounds like a real gem!

The Bug said...

Oh ugh to that speaker - for heaven's sake!

I love that Aiden gets loaned out to help :)

So glad you were able to slip away to celebrate such a milestone!