Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project 365, Week 24

We wound down school this week.

June 7
The girls had spent the night at a girls retreat in the sticks of MA but they had a mini soccer tournament here beginning at 9 AM, so Shaun, Aiden and I woke up at 4:30 AM and drove the four hours total to get them back. We stopped briefly to get them breakfast.
Later, we started some projects, getting the house ready for R's graduation party.
June 8
3rd and 4th grade had their final projects on display for parents to see. Can school be over now?!?

June 9
I got to accompany the girls on a field trip. We rode on a steam train and then took a boat ride on the Connecticut River.

 Aiden hung with Shaun at work for a couple hours....dressed for success!

We went to the high school like we used to before we lived on a quiet, flat street and had a yard. Plenty of open, paved space there for bike riding. I love this picture of these three crazy kids.
June 10
Fresh goodness on the streets of New York City.
June 11
More house projects, and lots of willing helpers.
June 12
More projects...love hanging out with my boys.


We weren't home five minutes and the girls were digging into their summer packets. (Aiden was copying down a bible verse to help him remember to be kind.) That beats two years ago when the new school year had already started and we couldn't even find the blank, neglected packet.
Yay, yay, yay!!
June 13
The girls and I hit the road by 7:30 AM to be at an away soccer game and Shaun took Aiden to his last day of t-ball. Then while the girls and I went to cousins dance recital (wish I had pictures from that...Madison, Trevor, Renna and C3 were awesome!), Aiden and Shaun worked on cleaning up the yard for the graduation party the next day. When I got home that evening, Aiden was fairly glowing. Shaun said he'd worked hard and diligently all day. What a kid!


Melody said...

Yay for school being over!
Yay for R's graduation - awesome!
I love the kitchen table and chairs!

Carrie said...

Big day for R and for you! So glad he has you!

Meg A. said...

What a fun and FULL week! I love that picture of Avery hustling for the ball! Three cheers for summer!

The Bug said...

R looks pretty handsome in that graduation robe - I know you're all thrilled for this milestone for him.

I love that your kids are so active, & yet still obviously love learning (not that those are mutually exclusive, but sometimes they are). I've been thinking about Avery while my Braves play her Red Sox. So far we're both 1 and 1 :)