Sunday, June 28, 2015

Project 365, Week 26

This was a much-anticipated week, three years in the making. My mom, her brother and sister and all their families came in from all over....Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, California, Texas and meet up in Outerbanks, NC in one house for one week. It was wonderful!

For the purposes of 365, I'm keeping it to one photo per day, and I hope to have more about our trip posted soon.

June 20
We left about 11 PM to make the 11-hour trip. Shaun woke up the kids just before sunrise so they could see the sights as we passed through DC. They are champion road-trippers!
June 21
Happy Father's Day!
June 22
Beautiful evening for family photos.
June 23
These three have my heart.
June 24
Happy 10th Birthday, Sweet Avery-girl! I was freaked out about being a mom right up until the moment I first held her and looked into her face. Then it all made sense and felt right.
June 25
Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Lee schemed to send the middle generation out on the town for the evening. We had a lovely dinner together while the grandparent generation stayed and watched 21 kids. When we returned, all was quiet and everyone was accounted for.
June 26
Last day in OBX. All 42 of us...21 adults and 21 kids.
June 27
After traveling through the night, we got home about 9 AM. After church, we used a gift card to go out as a family one last time before life changes for a while (R was working). Also of note, it was Aiden's first night in Promise Land, which is where all the big kids go. How did we get here?!?


Meg A. said...

Boo to one photo a day!!! :) Can't wait for the vacation glad you all are home!

The Bug said...

I'm with Meg about the one picture a day - of course it's a concept I'm not very familiar with anyway :)

Love that group photo - what a great idea!