Sunday, June 21, 2015

Project 365, Week 25

Our first week with no school and we're getting in the groove. I love not having to send my girls off each morning! And the weather!

June 14
"Wild Kratts Live" with cousins. The kids thought it was awesome!

 We had R's graduation party and Uncle Nathan hung a new swing for us, since we wore out the other one.
 June 15
Enjoying the beautiful flowers that I "borrowed" from one of our buildings.
 June 16
Shaun and I had an early morning date. We were up at 3:45 AM so I could take him to the airport.He  spent three days at a conference in Dallas for financial services.
 I wanted to use this week to spend with the kids and get all our summer fun done. It didn't quite go like I'd pictured in my head, but we managed to find some fun.
June 17
The river is still cold, but we made it there!

June 18
Now that Aiden's joined the bike-riding crowd, we've been doing a lot of it.
 Last game of the season.
June 19
Shaun's return flight kept getting delayed, until it was 2 AM when I picked him up. Totally worth was SO good to see him again.
The soccer team had an end-of-the-season party. Such a beautiful evening. 

I'll include Saturday in next week's post, because it all ties together. Have a fabulous week!

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The Bug said...

Looks like a nice week. I'm glad you got to enjoy some summer fun.

Mike & I are going on a cruise in December for our 25th wedding anniversary & our flight out of Dayton leaves at 6:00. I have a feeling we just won't go to bed that night :)