Thursday, September 10, 2015

11th Annual Lobster Fest

Sometimes we see another's family pic in the midst of struggling with our own, and we can't visualize them with our same struggles, imperfect pasts and sanctifying circumstances. But let our smiles here be a testimony, not to any good of our own, but to this: That we serve a God who redeems, who never stops transforming, and who shows Himself great by writing His story upon the lives of the least likely. ~Ruth Simmons

Over Labor Day weekend we celebrated our annual Lobster Fest, which we've talked about re-branding to Steak Fest because most of us prefer land animals to sea creatures. Whatever you want to call it, it is two days of fun family time. The weather both days begged us to be outside, seizing the last days of summer.

Saturday we hung out by (or in) my sister's pool. The girls put out a lovely spread for lunch and the Boyds treated everyone to pizza. Tony's Pizza is a long-standing favorite...its three minutes from my house but 30 minutes from Amy's (and they don't deliver that far). What to do? What to do? Oh! We could send the newly-licensed 16 year-old! It seemed like a great idea until he actually left, and then was gone over an hour. There was more than one adult anxiously watching the driveway for his return, which he did...safely. Just his second time driving by himself, the first was to DQ. Ha!

The pictures kind of tell the story of the day (photos from me, Amy and Elizabeth)


I was just a few days removed from treatment, so there were no expectations on me. Uncle Lee set up tables and decorations, everyone brought food and Amy, Melody and Aunt Bonnie did a great job pulling it all together without any input from me. In my past life this would have ruffled my pride, now I'm just grateful.


We were missing my cousin Johnny in CA and my sister Bethany in TX so during dessert we Facetimed with them both.

So blessed (we were missing Amanda for the most of the day while she was playing in a soccer tournament).


Melody said...

Fantastic pictures ladies!

Amy said...

Nice recap!

The Bug said...

Love the lobster lights - ha! If you rename the event, what would you do with all those lobsters? I say keep the name & then baffle future generations who wonder why no lobster is consumed at Lobster Fest :)

P.S. Stay tuned for a corn hole picture in my next P365. It isn't pretty. Ha!