Monday, September 7, 2015

Project 365, Week 36

I'm late posting for good reason....we had a fun-filled family weekend, our annual Lobster Fest. We talked about options because it was going to be just four days after my first treatment, but I really wanted it to happen if at all possible. It was possible and it did happen and I'm so glad!

This week was full and varied with highs and lows but chock full of blessings. We mixed and matched summer and fall with swimming and grilling and soccer and homework.

August 30
I had a couple days without the vacuum and before chemo, so I got to go to church! I also had this handsome group with me.

August 31
Homework is a reality Aiden's starting to settle into.

This sweetie is two months old. I got to hold my niece and take pictures of her for the first time.

September 1
I drove an hour each way to drop this little guy off at his first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited to start school, and that his mom (foster mom) was going to pick him up from school. 

What a sweet, energetic boy who's already been through so much in his five short years. I feel so thankful we could show him love and speak life into him and be a small part of his story.

Shaun worked to exhaustion getting a few projects done around the house. I'm thrilled with how the stairs and third floor landing came out. The walls just need some pictures now.

September 2
In New York City for the day, hanging at the cancer center. Whatever we walk through, I'm so very grateful to be with this guy.

September 3
The kids had the dining room transformed into a tent city.

September 4
My only picture from the day. This is the new chemo pump I go home with. It runs on my body heat and is soundless and does not vibrate. What a delightful difference over the one I had last winter! You would be appalled if you knew all the little things that make me happy these days. :)

September 5
Lobster Fest weekend (and of course I'll have a recap coming). After a big breakfast, we headed to my sister's for the day. The day was just right, hanging by the pool, enjoying the summer air.

September 6
Another amazing year for the books. This group looks so tiny to me after our OBX picture.


Melody said...

Wow, that pump is amazing!!!
So grateful we were able to spend the weekend together. Love you all bunches.

Laura said...

So happy lobster fest lived on (even if the lobsters couldn't) and that you were able to be apart - love you dear friend and SOO soo happy about that body heat pump - amAzing blessing -

The Bug said...

Love that picture of you two - such cuties! I'm glad you have each other...