Sunday, September 20, 2015

Project 365, Week 38

The weather this week has been completely fabulous...just perfect. Some of it I got to experience first hand, some of it I got to see through a window, and all of it I was so grateful for.

September 13
Shaun worked on some "honey-do" projects around the house. Among other things, he hung a much needed closet organizer in the girls bedroom. I'd like to say the girls and I got it all organized and put together, but it actually looks pretty much the same a week later.

We drove to timbuktu to watch Amanda's soccer game. She spent most of the game benched, which she seemed to rather enjoy...eating snacks, drinking from her jug, playing with a mist fan, singing to the trees. Argh!

Aiden snapped a great one of my mom.

September 14
Homework time...controlled (ideally) chaos.

This day was remarkable because Avery walked home by herself from a student council meeting. We live less than two blocks from school, and she's been walking these streets since she was born, but even though Shaun and I had no reservations, it felt SO BIG!

Her friend (who lives on the other side of town) expressed some worry about the marginal neighborhood Avery has to pass through but Avery didn't know what she was talking about.

Two days later we were in New York City, watching kids younger than Avery maneuvering through the city, getting themselves to school. Fun to see the different perspectives. :)

September 15
I insisted that we do Aiden's 10 minutes of reading was just too beautiful!

Amanda got to have some special daddy time.

September 16
Back to what is beginning to feel like my home away from home.

September 17
If you've got to be in bed all day its nice to be in a room you love, with a pretty view and a lovely summer breeze blowing through the opened windows. So blessed!

September 18
I was only awake for about 4 of these 24 hours, but I made sure to get outside with my favorite first grader. His 4th & 5th grade sisters don't have homework on the weekends, but he does.

September 19
Amanda was asked to fill in for the rec soccer team. Apparently the wind was blowing a different direction this day because she scored three goals and one assist before being called off by her coach. And she didn't allow any goals the quarter she played keeper. Ah...the beautiful mystery that is Amanda.

Its going to be a good week...are you in?!?


Melody said...

I'm in!!

The Bug said...

I'm in too! Loving this weather - I may or may not post my P365 today. It's just too nice to sit inside & do it (& I had a really busy weekend, complete with two naps, so I didn't get it done yesterday).