Sunday, September 13, 2015

Project 365, Week 37

Its soccer season and we have three different schedules for three different kids. I'm going to post entirely too many photos of them playing, but I love watching the kids be active and healthy and strong and learning all the important character building-things that come with the territory. I'm also incredibly grateful to be able to be there, cheering them on.

It was a good "off" week, enjoying these last summer days.

September 7
Cozy, slow morning on the porch while the NY crew was still here.

Soon after our company was gone the kids asked if they could re-construct their fort in the dining room...this time it is of epic proportions.

It was just Avery and I at her practice, so I spent an hour walking the trail, which is a huge circle around the park. Each time I passed her our eyes would meet. Once, I started to blow her a kiss but thought maybe I shouldn't embarrass her in front of her teammates. A second after this thought she blew me a kiss. Later, she assured me I wouldn't embarrass her.

September 8
Schools in town had a half day due to inclement weather...96 degrees. We took advantage of the extra time and headed to the river.

September 9
Another hot, hot day and this is how Amanda came down in the morning. Mark my January she will be in shorts and a tank top.

Barely off the school grounds and they asked to stop so they could strip. Nice outfit, Avery! :) What a privilege to walk with these three to/from school.

We got to help Alayna celebrate her sweet that what she wanted most was to be with cousins.

September 10
Aiden designed, Shaun cut.

September 11
Making progress on the book we're reading aloud.

I also read a quick-read book (to myself) that included a woman's account of being on the thirty-sixth floor of Tower One. The content was hard to read and 9/11 is just still so impossible to grasp after all these years. My kids had a special prayer service at their school at 8:46 in the morning. They came home with some questions and I marveled that since its a Pre-K-8th school, likely none of the students were even born when it happened.

We will remember.

September 12
Aiden came down to the kitchen first thing in the morning and tentatively asked, Is it a school day? He was elated to learn it was a soccer day! Its good to be six! :)

And Avery had her first game.


Laura said...

Ah sweet week - enjoy time "off" if God is for us who can be against us

The Bug said...

I love how active your kids are - I was such a slug growing up. I mean, I did do things outside, but I'm pretty sure I didn't really like them :)

Does Amanda have new glasses? I love them - and her pink polka-dotted swimsuit. Cute!