Sunday, September 27, 2015

Project 365, Week 39

I type this post from a hospital isolation room, where I am quarantined and being pumped with plenty of heavy-duty antibiotics to deal with a yet mysterious infection. You can go ahead and be impressed that I came prepared with a laptop and charger and comb and toothbrush, among a few other things. I'm what some might call a professional patient. ;)

Any day of the week my blessings out weight my trials by the ton. Today I choose joy.

September 20
Shaun sent the kids out to cleanup their part of the garage. Avery did a thorough job culling, organizing and cleaning....

...and these were her helpers.

Also, I just noticed that Avery is wearing Amanda's pants and Aiden's shirt and Amanda is wearing Aiden's shorts. All three pretty close to the same size right now.

I gave them a list of "to-do's" in the morning, with a promise of fun in the afternoon once everything was accomplished. We went to our local state park, set up a chair and enjoyed the glorious-ness of a late summer day. Well, that's what I did. Aiden and Amanda enjoyed wading into the water and throwing rocks at a dead fish. To each his own. ;)

Later, Pop came over to give Amanda a guitar lesson, which is much more effective in person than over facetime. She was so proud that she learned a song, Mary Had a Little Lamb!

Seeing my dad with a guitar strapped to him is as natural as seeing him wearing his shoes. I've always known him with his guitar and can still smell the inside of his guitar case and feel the fuzzy blue inside. I'm so glad its getting passed down (the skill, not the case ;)!

R took over the kitchen and made dinner for some friends and then they did a campfire. I listened to the sound of a dinner party happening at my house with longing. Its what our home was meant for and I miss it.

September 21
Walking home from school with two of my favorite people, telling me stories from their day. So honored to be their mom and grateful to be able to walk them to and from.

My cousin sent me this, saying I was her gratitude inspiration on World Gratitude Day. So sweet and I could not agree with this quote more.

September 22
Just because we can.

September 23
Before school.....

.....after school

September 24
There are countless things I love about Shaun...his desire and patience for teaching our children is just one.

September 25
Second day with a fever and it spiked to 102. Shaun gently insisted that we go to the ER, which is what we're supposed to do at 100.5.

September 26
Back at the ER. Long story alert for tomorrow (at least that's my plan).


Melody said...

ever the gratitude queen :) love you!

LuAnn said...

Sorry for your trials. Prayers continue in Wisconsin

Amy said...

I love the gratitude quote, too. Also, Avery is spotted wearing Nathanael's sweatshirt.

The Bug said...

So sorry you're back in the hospital! I'm glad you had a nice week before-hand.

I love Madlibs - and Amanda's pink guitar :)