Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alive and Well

Yesterday a sweet friend texted me to make sure I was ok since I hadn't blogged all week. It was only then I realized that, given my current condition and past history, its not really fair for me to drop off without explanation.

Some people have to do "unplugged" challenges or "Facebook fasts" to give themselves time away from the world inside the web. Since my diagnosis, its a challenge for me to stay plugged in. Very often, the "noise" of the internet is too loud for me. I haven't been on FB for 18 months+ and I've unsubscribed from a pile of emails I used to get without even giving it much thought...even blogging is more challenging. I need to have quiet in my days to think and pray and just be and am easily overwhelmed by social media. When I'm on vacation and want to be present with my family, my desire to be online is even further decreased.

Thankfully, I am not in NYC tucked away in a hospital room (valid guess though), but instead we took our annual family vacation to Florida to visit grandparents and recover from tax season. I am so grateful for our time away and also so happy to be home!

Thanks for caring about what goes on around these parts...I'll be back at it soon!


Melody said...

Well, this picture just made me burst into happy tears! Beautiful and so grateful for everything about that photo.

LuAnn said...

Enjoy your family and the warmth

The Bug said...

Well now THAT's a happy picture!

sara said...

:) :) :)!!!