Monday, April 18, 2016

Project 365, Week 16

One more tax day to go! We are ready to change our pace a little and take a deep breath. 

The kids and I are thoroughly enjoying spring around here...its quite an amazing time of year watching things flower and bloom. 

April 11
No picture. I spent the day burdened for friends going through a difficult time, taking it to my God who is sovereign and good.

The three kids and I also enjoyed an impromptu date night. We went shopping for a few summer items and had a cheap dinner out. They were so happy and appreciative...I'm the parent who despises shopping and is always saying no to spending money so they were quite surprised and blessed by the evening. Made me consider that I should probably "let loose" just a little more.

April 12
This boy is so passionate about baseball and is enjoying practice twice a week with his team. I couldn't even take him this day...he grabbed one of Shaun's batting gloves and stuck it in his back pocket.

April 13
Homework having them back home after a school day.

April 14
My sister's kids had spring break this week, so she got a group together to gather at the park. I surprised my kids and pulled them out of school early. It was a beautiful day to play and run and smell fresh-cut grass. Spring...we love you! (Six families represented here with 8 kids missing!)

April 15
If you are a tax preparer, there is no worse day to have a birthday than on April 15th. That's the day Shaun was born and we all miss being able to celebrate him on his day. He somehow managed to find two 45-minute chunks of time. During the first one we gave him his present and hugs, during the second one he showed up at the field to coach his team.

Avery and I filled in for Coach Shaun who was working. I've never played a soccer game in my life but I know how to do running drills. :) Between Avery and I (and Shaun) we had a fruitful, fun practice. We have a ragtag group of 2nd-4th graders and if anyone can pull a "W" out of them, its Shaun.

April 16
The kids and I went up to the high school. We timed each other on the track and practiced taking grounders. Its exhilarating to be out and active with them.

April 17
The kids and I, including R had a nice breakfast together to kick off a quiet day at home.


Amy said...

What a lovely week.

The Bug said...

I'm so glad to see all of these spring pictures - looks like lovely weather to be out & active!

LuAnn said...

So happy you are feeling great and getting to enjoy the outdoors with your kiddos.