Monday, April 11, 2016

Project 365, Week 15

Garfield had it all wrong about Mondays, I think. Mondays feel like a new start, sprinkled with an extra measure of grace and mercy. Its the celebration of another week of being alive and is filled with an expectant hope of things to come. Yay Monday! :)

April 4
April nonsense! Thankful they didn't call a snow day though. 

On rare occasions when I drive the kids, I stay and watch until they are in the door. Amanda always looks back and waves several times.

After school snack. ;)

April 5
A two-hour school delay and the kids made good use of it, knowing the snow would be gone when they returned.

Opening Day for the Red Sox. Shaun snuck home for a little bit so he and Avery could catch some of the game.

April 6
I hugged Avery in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. It won't be long before she passes me in height...I have no idea how this happened!

USA vs. Columbia women's soccer, right in our backyard!! Shaun and Avery braved the cold to cheer them on.

April 7
Because we are crazy, and the need is great, Shaun and I agreed to coach Amanda's soccer team this spring. This night I attended the scheduling meeting and got some nice time with just the three kids. They are so easy and enjoyable right now!

April 8
I was at the high school four out of five days this week, I think for meetings about H. We are the first time in 14 years where daily homework is an expectation, where a high school diploma is presumed (and celebrated!), where common decency to all mankind is the norm.

As one might imagine, there are many challenges in such a transition....its very hard on all involved. But there are glimmers of hope, too. For instance, one day this week when I was asking H how his day went he looked at me sheepishly, "I didn't show grace to someone. He [did this] so I got in his face and told him to [blank]. So the teacher called security and I got written up."

Sigh. But, I thought, four months ago the word "grace" was not in his vocabulary. Some times we have to mine a little to find progress, though its usually there.

Even when you’re afraid of not being enough — God’s making everything into make more than enough grace. ~Ann Voskamp

Hey Mom look...I'm just like you!

First baseball game of the season. H started at shortstop and also pitched for three innings.

It was freezing, but the kids had a couple snacks to keep them warm.

And Aiden snagged grounders.

April 9
First time out for Aiden's team. He is SO very excited that baseball is here and that he is out of T-ball.

From there we went to AJ's birthday party, who impossibly is two! Sarah did such a great job putting everything together and the kids were thrilled to be with cousins.

I was honored that AJ invited me to sit with him. :)

April 10
Aiden and I both enjoy snuggle time, curled up with the Action Bible. Its fairly new to us, and I like it because its a step beyond a typical children's Bible. Its in comic book form and there are many stories included that go beyond Noah's Ark and David and Goliath.


Amy said...

A work-filled week. The business of family. Proud of you! Also, I love Amanda wearing your black heels!

Ashley Beth said...

Your kiddos are getting so big and I feel like these photos really depict that. Sure looks like a busy season and I'm sure you are grateful for every precious, albeit hurried moment.

The Bug said...

We had some of that April nonsense too - I was really glad that I went ahead & mowed the day before even though it was 34 degrees :)

Love that picture of you & Avery - and the one of Amanda with the camera. H has no idea how lucky he is now - he'll really appreciate you guys later!

One more week of tax madness! Then I assume it will be back to regular madness?