Friday, April 29, 2016

Project 365, Week 17

Lots of hugs shared, and smiles and lighter shoulders as we finished up another tax season and headed south!

April 18
First day of school vacation for the kids! Pop and Kiki love to share their passion for bike riding with the kids. Fun adventures!

April 19
First day of no taxes and after spending the morning in the office Shaun was happy to put on his manual labor clothes and do a brake job on the car. With a helper, of course.

April 20
At 6 pm we hit the road, Florida-bound! We've gone to New York City dozens of times this past year, but this time we just kept driving right past it without stopping.

April 21
We arrived at our beach rental in the late evening. First order of business was getting wet!

April 22
A day of sun, sand, pool and cousins...the life!

April 23
A fresh morning, full of possibilities.

April 24
This six year-old and his great-grandma spent hours playing poker together. True story.


The Bug said...

Ha! My mom loved to play cards - always beat me handily at any game we would play :)

The beach looks lovely - glad you had fun!

Melody said...

Love the driving PAST NYC and the poker pic :)

Amy said...

That poker picture is too much! Glad you had a good time and made it home safely!