Thursday, July 14, 2016

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

 Each year as part of our Christmas present, our Nana gives her grandkids money so they can do a sporting event together. She's been a lifelong sports fan, particularly football and baseball and that passion has filtered down. She has a family of dedicated Red Sox fans. Avery kept asking when we were going to Fenway and she looked at their schedule for possible dates. It was a last minute thing, but Saturday magically worked for everyone. As a bonus, the weather, in the middle of July (!) was cloudy and cool....63 degrees at game time, 4:05 pm....unheard of!

There were 17 of us between the four families and we met up at the park. Its such a gift to have our family be our friends. We had such a great day hanging out and cheering on our team.

Here's some big fans and cute kids.... :)

H's first time at Fenway and a professional sports game.

Babe Ruth's daughter, who is nearly 100 years old threw out the first pitch!


Melody said...

So fun! I'm impressed by all the Red Sox clothing :)

Amy said...

How in heaven's name did that date work for everyone in July!!!!!????? Impressive!

Meg A. said...

Nothing like a game at Fenway! I had the same thought as Amy...IMPRESSIVE!

sara said...

We got to go there when our kids were young. It was a bucket list item for my husband and he was like a kid in a candy store. It was so great!