Monday, July 11, 2016

Project 365, Week 28

We had a purposefully quiet week, for the most part. H was away at camp and the kids did't have any built-in activities. Thank you, God for summer!

July 4
We walked down to Main Street for the (very popular) local parade. The kids marched with the church to promote Mega Sports Camp. Aiden rode in the float and the girls walked alongside with Uncle Nathan, handing out candy.

These were three of my favorite during the nearly two hour parade!

We had a quiet afternoon at home, worked on a project and were just together. Then, water balloons.

July 5
I forget why I let them do screens, but they were so cute snuggled up together.

July 6
We did a kid exchange, which meant Aiden had a buddy over. Amanda played with them for a while but then I shooed her away so they could get boy time. After a bit, Aiden's friend said to me, actually I kind of want to do the tea party.  So...that's what they did. (I documented it in case I need it for future reference. ;)

Yay for time at the river! We so enjoy our evening time there. Ginger is learning to love it. :)

July 7
We got a call from H's two-week camp that it would be good if we picked him up a day early so we had a family game of Star Wars Monopoly before Shaun made the trek.

July 8
Fun with friends.

July 9
With special thanks to our Nana and Grandpa John, we made it to Fenway!

July 10
Look who is getting big!


Melody said...

Awesome about Fenway!

Carrie said...

Go Sox! :)