Friday, July 22, 2016

Water Wars

One of my very favorite things is kids and summer fun. I like kids and winter fun, too but I'd rather watch in 90 degree versus 20 degrees. Someone recently commented on a post that its nice to see that my kids are outside. And they are...a ton!

Oh my word...someone came up with a new invention that makes filling balloons with water a breeze. They cost a little extra, but what is it worth to get hours of your life back? :)

There have been numerous fights with a various groups of kids and I've taken pictures a couple times. Oh, the pure joy of childhood!! We need it more than ever in the world we're living in.

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The Bug said...

That LOOKS like fun, but I know me - I'd be hiding in the house. Ha! But then I was an anti-water, sedentary child. Sigh.

My favorite picture is the one with your nephew's flying hair - cool! And boy, Avery's legs are so long! Jealous!