Monday, July 4, 2016

Project 365, Week 27

Happy 4th of July! I'm so, so thankful to live in America! We are only free because of the brave...grateful!

June 27
First day of VBS. 

Shaun had a business meeting on the golf course planned, but an emergency came up and his partner had to cancel. So he had me bring Avery over with her new birthday clubs. Sounds like she was quite a hit on the course and she and her dad got some good time together. :)

June 28
Boys and their dogs. :)

June 29
It was fun to watch the kids FaceTime with their cousin Trevor, the birthday boy.

We did something that's been on Avery's bucket list...the drive-in theater! We had a good spot and plenty of snacks. The movie didn't get over until after 11 PM. Shaun and the kids stayed awake, but I never did find out if they found Dory. :)

June 30
The day after the drive-in means a nap for the resident six-year old and a nap means snuggles when he wakes up, one of the things that makes life so very sweet.

We did a brief photo shoot.

And then got to hang out at the ball field.

July 1
On the last day of VBS, the 6th graders were invited to a "graduation" party. That means I dropped Avery off at a party with middle-schoolers and she is no longer eligible for VBS. Too fast, too fast!

While she was there, the kids and I visited a friend on the lake. Such a beautiful spot!

Most anytime when the three kids get time together, they end up playing dolls. I love that they are still little enough.

Heavy rain and standing puddles call to Amanda. She was out there a while lying in a mud puddle, singing and just loving life.

July 2
Happy First Birthday to my niece!

July 3
A little early morning golf in the yard in pjs.

We had a relaxing afternoon with some friends. It was nice to sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful day.


Amy said...

I so adore the picture of Amanda in the rain! I think we share some DNA.

sara said...

the drive-in was always my favorite as a kid...even into HS!