Monday, July 18, 2016

Project 365, Week 29

Last July was so, so, so, so hard and we were apart for much of it. So each day of this month someone has mentioned something about last year. Shaun tells me with words heavy with emotion that he is thankful I am here. Aiden will be talking about Legos or Star Wars and suddenly he'll say how great the name "Team Lisa" was when I had cancer. We are enjoying this summer, being together, being healthy, being not in last summer.

We are so thankful for all these pictures represent...everyday, regular life as a family with special summer activities thrown in.

July 11
We dropped H off at church for a week of youth camp and then got to hang out with cousins for some of the day.

First night of Mega Sports Camp. When I posted this on Instagram, someone commented on how big they look. When I step back, they really are getting so old!

Shaun and I seized the opportunity of having no kids for two and a half hours and got outdoor seating for dinner. It was lovely!!

He texted me at some point this week how cool it was that he is in love with his best friend. I feel the same and it reminds me of a post by Jen Hatmaker that I read about a week ago:

The first ten years are wild and intense. The second ten years are busy building, parenting, managing, achieving. At the start of the third ten relax into your self, your marriage, you life. There is virtually nothing left to prove. I like it here. This is my favorite marriage decade yet. Hang on, young ones. Your best, most relaxed, confident days are ahead of you. Do your time: build, plant, struggle, grow, question, feel all your important and intense feels. You need that season to get to this one. Oh sure, you'll be a few pounds north of where you are now and have gray hairs and laugh lines, but you wouldn't trade one day of your earned life, the life you gained together through blood, sweat, and tears, for all the unwrinkled skin on earth. This is the third decade into marriage and it rules.

Agreed...each decade is sweeter than the last. Don't buy into the lie that there is something better out there. Do the work to make what you have now good.

July 12
The kids got their annual beach day with Grandma, and perfect weather. These girls love, love the water. 

And this guy...he likes throwing rocks into it. :) 

July 13
I was mulching at one of the apartments and Shaun and Aiden walked down once Aiden woke up so he could help me for a bit. 

This day he turned SEVEN and I laughed to myself that even though he was a year older, he still put his pants on backwards.

Last year I missed his birthday entirely because I was in the hospital. Amy stepped in and made his birthday special during the time she had him. It was so special to him that he wanted the same thing...a scavenger hunt with cousins!


For various reasons, my sister hadn't been able to properly celebrate her boys' birthdays, so we ended up just combining all three boys with a quick little party in the middle of the week. It was perfect for them.

Trevor-June 29, Rocco-May 29, Aiden-July 13

That night at Sports Camp, Aiden got special recognition and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

July 14
Amanda is the best. :)

July 15
The kids and I dealt with the last of the mulch. Shaun said he usually gets 1/2 a yard. I got wonder! ;)

We went out to my mom's campground. The water was low but the kids had no trouble swimming.

The dog did great swimming and retrieving a stick. Almost like she's always done it.

Last night of sports camp. The kids had a great time, especially because two of their uncles were their coaches!

The kids made signs to welcome H home from camp. There is an ongoing Curry/James debate in our house. :)

July 16
Uncle Nathan and Auntie Laryssa are having a baby next month and this day we showered them. Can't wait to meet him? Her? We are split, but I think more are hoping for a girl. Regardless, the baby will be dearly loved!

We took an afternoon trip to the river to cool off.

Avery stepped on something as she was wading in knee-deep water and it got embedded in her foot. We quickly packed up everything and went home. As we were driving the mile home, I was praying, thanking God for Shaun. He is the nurse in our house...he deals with all the splinters and cuts (he's also a great oncology nurse!).

After he cleaned it up and looked at it, he thought it best to take her to the ER because of how deep it was and so they could get an x-ray to make sure all the pieces got out. She was quite upset at the prospect of going to the hospital but realized it was for the best.

I was happy to see this smiling girl when Shaun texted me the picture. She did so well and proved to herself that she can be brave and strong.

She was the last holdout for stitches in our we've all had them. :)

A perfectly shaped shell.


Melody said...

Love the birthday boys picture!
That x-ray is surreal. So brave Avery!

The Bug said...

That x-ray IS surreal - what a cool picture for her to keep in her memory book :)

I think I say this on about a quarterly basis, but I love how your kids spend so much time outside. So good for them!!

And I love Jen Hatmaker - she's hilarious and wise (I just read For the Love recently).