Friday, July 8, 2016

Back To Maine

For many, many years we've been going to the cabin in Maine. Most years we've gone up my sister Amy and her family. Everyone has a "buddy", even the puppies this year! There is no TV and sketchy cell service. The cabin is "rustic" and the views are amazing and our time is simple. The weather is often questionable (I question cold weather in the summer! ;) but this year we hit a homerun.

We missed our time last year because of "circumstances", so the kids were anxious to get back up to the cabin in Maine. Part of their excitement was the road trip...unlimited movies!

When we arrived, Amy and the kids were already there, so the kids got down to business right away. 

No surprise that mornings are my favorite.

The kids were put in to pairs/groups for dish duty. This crew asked me where the dishwasher was and had a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that there wasn't one. I showed them how to fill up one side of the sink to wash and rinse in the other and what a dish drainer was used for. Later, after soggy cereal had been dumped into sink, I broke the news to them that there was no garbage disposal. Hard knock life!

These boys were hot stuff paddling their tethered canoe. They spent hours pretending they were out in the deep blue sea. :)

One afternoon the dads and big kid went paint balling. Everyone came back in one piece.

We celebrated Avery's 11th birthday there. Her request was to watch a movie so Amy and I went to "town" so she could download it onto her laptop.

We took our time getting home, stopping for lunch and meet-other-dogs time in Freeport.

I'm so grateful for family who are friends and for time away to recharge. And I'm always thankful to be home.

When He spoke, the world was created; at His command everything appeared. Psalm 33: 9


Melody said...

SUCH great photos! I love the one of you and the birthday girl.

Amy said...

Good times! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Amanda Robinson said...

Is that Center Pond? I didn't realize your family still went up there. I haven't been in ages.