Monday, September 12, 2016

Project 365, Week 37

September 5
After a nice quiet morning, we said goodbye to the Boyds and this year's Lobsterfest. Amy and I met up to do a kid exchange and took a walk with the kids. Aiden presented me with this bouquet, reenacting how he'd sliced them from their roots with a stick.

September 6
Ten minutes before the kids were going to be dismissed for the school day, there were gunshots heard behind their school. They were in lockdown, knowing only that it was real not a drill, for an hour and a half. Because all the parents were gathered rumors spread wildly. I'm not one to worry, so I didn't. In fact, I sat in my friend's car and we had a beautiful heart talk about something big she is going through. It was special to get that time with her, despite the circumstances.

Though I didn't worry, I was grateful when I saw each one of these faces and I got to hug them and walk them home. I found out later that all three were huddled in their respective classrooms, worried about me, knowing that I would have been walking to school to pick them up right about the time of the shooting. So sweet! (The shooter ended up being a policeman, shooting at a fleeing suspect...who was fine.)

This breath we have in our lungs today...its a gift not a guarantee.

We went over to visit cousin Gavin, who was home from the hospital. He passed inspection. :)

Happy Birthday, H!!

September 7
Shaun left first thing for New Jersey to set up for the weekend show.

Ginger hasn't really chewed anything, just Amanda's new pair of school shoes!

September 8
I played single, working, soccer mom. Phew!

September 9
After a half day of school and a crazy morning, we were on the road to New Jersey to meet up with Shaun and the rest of the cast/crew. We got to travel with sweet Gianna, a member of the cast.

The theater...retro on the outside, beautifully restored on the inside. SO pretty!!

H opted to stay back so he could attend a youth rally/fall kickoff event and a district youth day at six flags over the weekend. I was thrilled to help support his request to be involved with youth group!

September 11
Its been 15 years since that day and still its impossible to wrap my mind around the fact that 9/11 actually happened. Each year on the anniversary I force myself to read or watch videos about the events or people of that day. This year it struck me that 15 years ago seems dated now. The styles of hair and clothing and vehicles is different, as is how information is spread, yet it doesn't feel like that long ago.

H got to spend the day following my dad around, getting a behind-the-scenes of being a pastor. He has a great voice so I was happy to get this picture of him singing with the choir.

We did a 2pm and 7pm show on Sunday, not enough time to leave in between. It was fun to sit back and watch people hang out together. Its a pretty tight knit group with all the hours they put in together.


lee boyd said...

You have a great perspective on "worry", rather on "not worry"

Thumbs Up>

The Bug said...

Oh Ginger... Silly dog! Sorry I've been missing - crazy busy, but also it turns out that reading blogs is an extroverted activity for me & I'm all peopled out these days. Hope that fall calms down some!