Monday, September 19, 2016

Project 365, Week 38

September always surprises me. When I think of the month in my head, I think of school nights and crazy sports schedules and summer fading away. But when I actually live September, I have forgotten how perfectly wonderful the weather is, how exciting it is to be entering a new season, how comforting routine is after a loosey-goosey summer. This September has been all these things...a crazy kind of wonderful. 

Two years ago today I got "the" call, the call when the doctor told me I had cancer. Today, I'm so grateful to be on this side, so thankful to be alive. To life, to life! :)

September 12
I'm the annoying auntie who always has a camera in your face. :)

September 13
Dinner on the water with some amazing ladies.

September 14
Shaun is back coaching Amanda's soccer team this fall. He does such a great job!

September 15
I almost always (99%) get my workouts done before anyone in the house is awake, but its been a little hectic around here and I'm still adjusting to my schedule changing, so Aiden read to me while I ran. Amazes me what boys are interested in reading....right now he's on a war/military kick.

Representing at our town's street festival.

September 16
Weekend #3 of Mystery brought us to Danbury, CT on a university campus.

September 17
We got home after midnight from the show and were out the door about 8AM for the first of two soccer games for the day (except H, who had a cross country meet) before heading back for the second show and tear down. One nice thing is we are doing it all together as a family.

My niece Madison is a main character in a small cast so she has lots of costume changes to do. My girls are so happy and honored that they get to assist Maddy backstage for her quick changes. I'm thankful for the role model she is to them!

Post show...packing up to head to our last city of the year, West Hartford, CT. If you haven't seen it, please come! People have been raving about the quality of the show in every location we've won't be sorry. Plus, you'll get to see my three cute kids on stage. :)

Ask me about tickets, or go HERE.

September 18
We hosted the end-of-year softball team picnic at our house. I smiled big when I happened upon this crew snuggled up on the couch together. So sweet!


Amy said...

I can still remember that Friday afternoon two years ago. I know exactly where I was in my yard and can still taste the 'sick' in my mouth. So thankful that it is in the rearview. Phew! xoxoxo

Madison is always bragging about what rockstars the girls are backstage. What a fun, fun thing!

I like the new Block shirts!

The Bug said...

It feels kind of weird that we don't have a new September schedule this year - it's been a LONG time since our lives weren't ruled by school. (And, in fact, I guess our lives together have always been about school - with Mike either in school or teaching).

I'm so glad you're on the other side of cancer now!