Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall Mystery Tour

Last weekend we wrapped up the tour of Mystery with Lights Up. Over four weekends, we did nine performances. Our first stop was in our home church, then we performed in three theaters, one in New Jersey and two in Connecticut.

Shaun would go starting on Wednesdays with the technical crew and work three looong days getting the set, lights and sound set up. Then after the last show ended at 10pm, we'd all spend about two hours tearing down what took them three days to set up.

One thing I love about it is we can do it as a family. Shaun is on the technical crew (and there is a weighty "etc" after that ;), the three little guys are in the show, the girls are back stage assistants. When H joins us, he often helps usher and I take pictures and try to get kids sleep. My sister Amy is the Assistant Director (and also carries a hefty "etc"), her son Rocco has a large kid role and her daughter Madison steals the show with her acting and dancing.

I'm so grateful for the experience and the opportunity for my kids to get such an intimate exposure to theater and ministry.

As I mentioned, I take the pictures and I have thousands of them. Keep that in mind as you are scrolling through just this "handful" ;) I did make an attempt to organize them but...

We heart road trips!!

Downtown Vineland, NJ on a beautiful late summer day.

At one of the theaters, our friend Steve jumped in to usher and work the concessions. I later found out he helped the kids come up with Who Is The Smelliest Monster? for the song Who Is the Deadliest Monster? :)

My three, plus Maddy in the "Holocaust Scene".

Can only imagine this conversation! :)


I love that my kids get to rub shoulders with these teens...they really look up to them and are taking it all in.

Avery! was one of the monsters. It made me laugh to see her.

Oops...more Maddy. ;)

The entire 2016 cast and crew. Incredible people with big hearts who are tremendously talented and hard-working and humble. What an honor for our family to serve with them!


Uncle Lee said...

Lotta pix, lotta work, lotta lotta fun!!

The Bug said...

That looks great! Wow, that Maddie is something! Were those kids doing "the dab?" :)