Monday, October 17, 2016

Project 365, Week 42

We are neck deep in all things fall. The last two Octobers I was tied up doing chemo so I have a keen sense of all there is to be grateful for. Welcome, Fall!

October 10
It was so great to see my boy again! Z is well and was happy to see us, too.

October 11
Cross country meet. To my surprise H has stuck with it...he's a natural athlete.

The girls have worn those pajama pants thin but Aiden likes to change things up.

October 12
A selfie-stick arrived in the mail and it was an immediate hit. A few favorites I found on my phone...

October 13
The work at old house continues. So thankful for my hard-working man.

October 14
A Friday afternoon, the report's not due for a couple weeks, but these two spent hours together diving into it...and without fighting. Definitely picture worthy! ;)

October 15
Amanda has happy and mad thoughts about her dad as her coach. She wasn't feeling it this day. :(

Ah...such beauty!

October 16
I mean really beautiful. New England is so enchanting right now. It could become my favorite season if I didn't know what we were barreling towards next.


Amy said...

I love the one of Aiden with the selfie stick, holding it like a rifle. Such a boy.

Meg A. said...

Oh man, that last shot! Bestill my autumn-loving heart!!! I love the "happy and mad thoughts" comment...I know someone at my house where that sentence rings true on a near, daily basis! ;)

The Bug said...

Those selfie stick pictures are great!

I usually feel the exact same way about fall - I feel winter breathing down my neck in the midst of the beauty. But this year, my menopausal body temp is UP UP UP & I can't wait until I can step outside into blessed relief. I'm understanding my poor hot flashy mom more & more each day :) So, not dreading winter - one happy side effect of menopause. Ha!