Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Project 365, Week 40

The pictures make it look like a successful week, but honestly for much of it I felt like a failure. We'd let some things slip with the kids behavior and academics and we were reaping our neglect. Newsflash...parenting is hard! :)

At the end of our craziest day, Shaun voiced how thankful he is that I am feeling well enough to "run" with him, that we are partners in this wild life. That is truly our vantage point now even on the hard, messy days when it feels like the wheels are falling off...grateful.

September 26
After school we went to visit a sweet soul in the nursing home. Back when the kids were little, I used to take them every week. On the way over, we were reminiscing about those times. Their two biggest memories are 1.) the mean cat that scratched them and 2.) the lady who always had candy in her room. ;)

September 27
Aiden was invited to harvest pumpkins at his friends garden and Pop and Kiki offered to escort him. :)

Shaun and I went to our old house which has recently been vacated. We walked through, deciding what needs to be fixed and updated to help get another tenant in. The girls played outside right where they used to hang out. Such sweet memories of our times there, it was almost overwhelming.

This was one memory that came to mind as I watched them play. The hourglass sand slips through so quickly!

September 28
Amanda's best friend from school also plays on her soccer team. Its so fun to watch them together. Em keeps Amanda grounded and Amanda makes sure Em doesn't take life too seriously. Such sweetness! (also, doesn't it look like Amanda is floating? :)

September 29
It was a particularly crazy day for Shaun and I. H saw that we needed a little help and took the initiative to unload the dishwasher, which is not one of his chores. He did it all "wrong" but it was perfect.

September 30
Homemade Memory with spelling words. Of course he makes it competitive.

October 1
One weekend, four kids, seven soccer games, one cross country race!

Couple things of mention...in Amanda's rec game, the opposing team didn't have enough players so Shaun a couple of ours, plus Avery and Aiden. So funny to watch them all on the field together.

Avery's been working for playing time on her comp team. Their team was short players due to illness and injuries so she got some good field time. She took advantage and scored two goals, huge for her!

And H ran in his first ever in his life race. There were about 120 boys entered for JV. He came in 20th place, finishing the 5K in 20:20! So, so proud of him!!

Grateful for strong, healthy bodies!

October 2
Thankful for slow Sundays.

Had to include this picture I found on my phone. Love the little fingers in it. :)


Uncle Lee said...

Yesterdays are important, todays are busy, and all our tomorrows wait to see how we'll do :)

Amy said...

I love the tea party picture. I had a similar overwhelming experience getting in the duplex back in May. So sweet of H to unload. A win! And what a great time for his 5K! Really impressed! And I just love the picture and idea of all 3 on the soccer field.

Ashley Beth said...

Just popping in to say I'm thinking of you and praying for you! Hope you're feeling well and soaking in all those "normal" everyday moments.

Meg A. said...

I LOVE seeing all the pics of the girls on the soccer field! Such a soft spot for girls in cleats running across the field! And how neat that all of them were out there together in A's game. You're doing good work Momma! Emptying the dishwasher unprompted? Big win!

The Bug said...

Love the floating Amanda picture - very cool! And cookie dough - it wouldn't actually make it into the oven at my house. Ha!