Monday, October 10, 2016

Project 365, Week 41

Happy Columbus Day! Its so great be in New England in October. I'm glad Christopher found his way over here! :)

October 3
This roof project is long overdue and now that the tenants have moved out and its fall (not hot summer, not tax season), Shaun is tackling it.

We met my brother's family at a park to do pictures. My sister-in-law has been great about doing their family pictures regularly, so the kids are used to it and are cooperative. The kids were super excited to be exploring the woods.

October 4
Amanda had a couple friends over after school, with the agreement that they'd work on their homework.

Snuggles with Gavin.

October 5
The girls had night game, under the lights.

October 6
The works continues and naturally, Aiden is all up in it.

Funny story...later in the week, Shaun was showing the house to prospective tenants, people he thought were a possibility. He's out in the yard talking with them, doing his landlord salesman thing when up from the roof Aiden pipes up, Dad, don't forget to tell them about the bats and raccoon!

Classic! There are really too many bat stories to tell (we dealt with maybe half a dozen bats getting into the house in the 15 years we lived there) but there is only one raccoon story. I found it here and then couldn't believe how little the kids were then!

October 7
These guys hung out in classrooms and hallways while I met with H's teachers during parent-teacher conferences. Fun wall!

I had to go into Hartford to pick up my race packet. I brought H along with me so he could get a glimpse into the running world and be inspired. Then we had a date that included bread and pasta in preparation for our upcoming races the next day. He had a 5K invitational and I had a half marathon.

October 8
Yes, a half marathon...and I finished! After two years away, it was amazing to be back in it!!

October 9
More Gavin snuggles. We're all pretty in to him. :)

It took Avery and Shaun a while to thaw out from her Columbus Day tournament...cold, rain for three games. :(


Melody said...

The picture of Amanda and Gavin is so sweet!
YAY on your half marathon! Fantastic job! And I love that you and H are doing the running thing together :)

Jackie said...

The bat/raccoon story truly made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!! So, so happy to hear about your half marathon! I know how hard you fought to get to this point, and it is so sweet to see.

The Bug said...

Great job on the running! I've said it before, but it bears repeating - you're amazing!