Monday, October 31, 2016

Project 365, Week 44

Just like that, October is a wrap. We squeezed lots of life out of it, for sure.

October 24
The sun is coming up so late now that the kids are experiencing it. I love it when they take a picture or report of the beauty to me.  Mom, it looked like the sky was on fire!

October 25
Shaun turned the heat on in the house for the first time this season. Though its sad to me, I'm thankful we have such luxuries available.

October 26
The school nurse sent me this picture of Aiden being all about the K9 at school. Back in June when we got Ginger, he was afraid of dogs, even her. Now he's the best of the kids with her.

Aiden had a super cold evening soccer game under the lights.

October 27
The kids were beyond ecstatic about the snowflakes that fell after school let out. In a flash the snow gear was out and so were they. (Also in a flash, the snow turned to rain.)


October 28
My brother found a charming restaurant tucked away in the middle of nowhere where we met up for lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday.

October 29
Twelve soccer games (nine short ones as part of a tournament) and one cross country meet this weekend. On Saturday, I left the house at 6 AM and returned at 10:30 PM. When the state asked if we could do respite this weekend, I told them we had all the kids we could handle right now. ;)

One of Avery's games was over an hour away, but conveniently located minutes from a cousin. Sarah and AJ came to meet us at the field and it was nice to get some time with them.

October 30
The last game of the day and weekend...we got soaked!

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The Bug said...

I love how they pulled out the sleds - ha! Very optimistic of them :) I LOVE the setting of that restaurant! And MAN that was a LOT of games! I think I would have been pretty cranky by the end of that day!