Monday, October 24, 2016

Project 365, Week 43

We are all things fall around here. I may sound like a broken record, still I'll keep saying it. This is the first fall in two years that I haven't been on chemo and it is amazing to be living life, out and about as I please. Every morning I start by giving thanks to God for the air in my lungs. I'm genuinely amazed and grateful and humbled that again today I have breath in my lungs. What a gift!

October 17
So pretty everywhere, even at the soccer field.

October 18
Such a beautiful view of the lake. Also, my kids love water.

October 19
While we waited for H to be done with an appointment, Aiden, Ginger and I ran around at a park. As we were tossing the ball back and forth we were chatting:

Aiden, tonight at the end of soccer practice its parents vs. players.

I know, and we're going to win. 

Oh yeah? 

Yeah, cause you know...par-rants?? 

What, you don't think Daddy can beat you? 

Wait, what? No Mom...YOU are coming! 😂. 


Well, Shaun had to run Amanda's practice in the neighboring field, so I was indeed the parent rep. And we had so much fun!! When it became apparent that the game was kind of silly, I just chased Aiden around the field, blocking him, body checking him, both of us laughing. The second game we made two teams of parents and kids combined. I don't like to brag but I think its important to note here for the Family Record Book that I had an assist in the first and last game of my soccer career.

Seven year olds are awesome, by the way. Aiden was so happy and so proud to have me out there with never once crossed his mind to be embarrassed.

October 20
We try not to waste too many of the nice days.

Aiden recently went to the doctor and I had to fill our a questionnaire. Among the questions,

How many hours of moderate activity per day? 3-4 hrs
How many hours of screen time per day? 1 hr/week

The doctor commented that she doesn't see that very often. Yeah, its brutal being a kid at our house....just ask them! ;)

Science experiment a la Amanda.

October 21
It took some convincing but Aiden showed Great Grandpa the fighter plane book that he's been reading obsessively this week.

October 22
Trying to figure out a new remote control I got for my camera, wearing my "soccer mom" outfit.

October 23
Somehow, quite unbelievably, my beautiful, younger sister is mom to a high school senior.


Melody said...

Love! This post made me bawl. SO grateful we are at this point where you're running around on the soccer field, amidst and despite the germs, enjoying fall!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous pictures, and yes your sister is too young to have a senior, but my favorite part is you playing soccer with Aiden. Go you!