Monday, February 6, 2017

Project 365, Week 6

Just like that, we've cleared out of one month of a new year! January is the hardest month...the cold, dark combo and fresh tax season can be difficult. But February gets lighter and there is a better potential for a warmish feeling day. Also, we can start to be on the lookout for things sprouting and growing out of the earth. Life!

January 30
Too cute! Aiden left this note under his pillow for the tooth fairy....Thankfully she remembered a tooth had been lost! :)

On a moment's notice, I went to cover the office. I had the kids sit in the car, watching a movie, but after a while, it killed the battery. So they snuck into my office and watched Cupcake Wars and ate lollipops. We left at 7pm, so they also got fast food out of the deal, making it was the best ever.

January 31
My knight rescued me the next morning.

Early dismissal from school and a baby cousin taking his first ride in a sled.

We played games, and had a dance party and baked cupcakes and read and held a baby. It was lovely.

Baby torture...trying to include him in the dance party. :)


February 1

February 2
The kids memorize a Bible verse a month and all participants receive a treat if they can recite it. Bribery for a good cause. ;)

The LORD your God is with you,
The Mighty Warrior who saves.
With His love, He will calm all your fears.

Zephaniah 3:17

February 3
We don't go as often as we used to, since they have "Library Day" every week at school, but its still a special place for all of us.

February 4
Avery is in a weekly club at school called Math Counts. Each year they hold a competition for middle schoolers at the regional, state and national levels. Our regions were held at the Coast Guard Academy, with about 275 students. The students were sequestered for most of it, but parents and coaches were able to join in at the beginning and the end.

So proud of her for being brave! (Also, there were several dozen cadets volunteering to make the whole day run smoothly. Avery noted, Mom, everyone looks so good! If they are a man, they look handsome and if they are a girl they're so pretty. Totally agree!)

Grading the individual round.

My mom and dad had the kids, so Avery and I were able to get some time together in between the goings on. She's getting so old! I thought it would be incredibly sad to see them grow past three, but its actually quite awesome.

February 5
When I told the kids we were taking the dog on a hike, I didn't picture much of it being on the ice, but that's what happened, at least for H and Amanda and Ginger. Avery and I stood watch from the shore. :)


The Bug said...

Yay Avery! I liked math until we got to calculus & then it wasn't really about numbers any more. Ha!

And nope on that hike - I'll join you in April :)

Melody said...

Go Avery!!!