Monday, February 27, 2017

Project 365, Week 9

The week brought on some spring fever!! It was also nice to bring the pace down a little with the ending of basketball and a couple days off of school. Now we just need Shaun to have a day off of work! :)

February 20
The kids had President's Day off and in the afternoon we went to Rhode Island to watch my nephew play hockey in the Civic Center. Conveniently, my brother lives right there, so they met us at the rink and then had the entire gang over to their house for dinner after.

February 21
The weather started to warm and the boys found a patch of grass to play catch in.

I loved listening to the kids laughing together, over a Tim Hawkins piece they've seen a bunch of times and can quote. Worth watching!

Amanda and I had gone shopping in the morning and when we found strawberries on sale for $1.59/lb, we declared that it would be strawberry shortcake night. So yummy!!

February 22
H has a friend from school who comes over to the house most days. Often the boys are off by themselves but as the weather has improved, they've been outside all playing together more and more. This day they were hiding their flag for Capture the Flag.

February 23
Big day for us in Boston. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in December and surgery was the first, best and quite possibly only-one-needed treatment option. Amy picked me up at 4 AM and we spent the day there. The surgery went quicker than anticipated and the surgeon was pleased with how it was "routine" with no surprises. What an answer to prayer! In eight weeks his PSA levels will be tested again and we're praying for a big fat goose egg result.

February 24
We thoroughly enjoyed the warm February!

February 25
On Saturday morning I went out to my car, only to find that overnight someone had thrown a brick threw the window and taken my purse. So Saturday morning became cancelling credit and debit cards, bank account information and taking Shaun to work so I could have a car. I tried to go to the DMV to get a new license, but the line was wrapped around the building two hours before they were set to close.

I was bummed, but tried to take it in stride. We were truly grateful it was a car break-in and not our house. It opened up some good conversations with the kids about what's truly important, what being the victim of theft feels like and what drug addictions can cause people to do. We prayed for the guy and I hope he reads the church bulletin that was in my purse....maybe there was a scripture just for him. :)

February 26
Tryouts were held for the Kids Church worship team. Amanda was terrified, but she did it afraid. There were four parts, including a short interview and an acapella song she'd prepared. Bravery is highly regarded in our house and she did it, sick stomach and all! ;)


Gil Bourquin said...

Go AJ!!! I'm very proud of you!

Ashley Beth said...

Cheers to bravery in lots of ways this week but especially Amanda singing through the fear! 👏

Amy said...

Go Amanda!!!!