Friday, February 17, 2017

Project 365, Week 7

I'm a little late, this week has been intense. We're going back a week now. This was an easier week than we'd had. Shaun gently suggested that I pare our lives down a little until the worst of the tax season is over, so I heeded his advice and tried to keep things simple. Un-crazy is hard for me to sit with, but we all benefited.

February 6
No picture.

February 7 
Our one and only away game. 

With two of the sweetest fans watching.

February 8
Chess is the game of the last couple weeks, filling in any extra spare minutes.

During a quick break in the day, Shaun showed the boys how to put air in the tire.

February 9
Snow day!

Hard to not concede to an hour of screens on a snowy day, though I can't stand to see them this way.

This is better. :)

February 10
Snow day #2.

Friends at breakfast. :)

February 11
Avery had worked really hard with me, getting all the properties shoveled and I told her she would be rewarded for her diligence while the other kids just played and fought. She wanted to go shopping. Shopping makes her happy and it makes me crazy. Shaun is generally the clothes and stuff shopping parent (he dislikes it slightly less than I do), but sometimes for the sake of love and connection I go with Avery. And I sit in the dressing room and listen to her exclaim over the clothes and I marvel at the young woman she is becoming and I'm thankful that I get do those things with her.

February 12

On my list of dislikes, bio visits for the foster kids is up there. They are difficult on all of us. On this "day after" a storm of negative emotions was brewing. So in the middle of the storm of snow, H and I bundled up, leashed the dog and walked aimlessly around town. I mostly just listened and slightly prayed that God would equip me and help me. Foster care means always being the bigger person, not taking things personally, withholding judgment, seeking to understand a foreign way. Its hard, so on a day when a walk can help reset, we rejoice.


Amy said...

That foster care list is HARD. Everyone of those things individually is hard, but the list is overwhelming. I'm proud of you for constantly allowing God to chisel you and use you. You're amazing!

The Bug said...

I can't imagine being able to keep my mouth shut & be the bigger person - so proud of you & Shaun for your faithfulness in this journey!

P.S. That's alotta snow! Can you believe we've had maybe four inches all year? I thought we were crazy to move in February - turns out that February is the new May (at least this year). Ha!