Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do I Have to Have A Title?

This morning while doing Avery's hair the subject of Good Friday came up. She asked some very good questions and we even talked about how Jesus's death was similar and different from Great-Grandma's.

We were deep in conversation and I was mid-sentence, saying something profound, I'm sure, when Avery breaks in and says, "Um, Mom. Look at how these and pink, and they both have sparkles!" (referring to her princess necklace and the zipper on her fleece). Oh, well...another time!

The picture above is how she was dressed when we went out to the nursing home. One of the "with it" residents smiled and said, "How nice. You let them dress themselves." Yes, and Amanda can put her own shoes on...sort of.

Here's how our Wednesday was:


sara said...

what great pictures!!!

And the shoes...too cute!

I really miss those days!

Elizabeth said...

Ha ha! Lainie is now picking out her outfit, as well as Katie's. So sad for me to see my days of picking out their clothes disappearing, but happy they are becoming more and more independent. Just wish Lainie didn't insist on wearing Katie's pants all the time. Poor Katie is running out of things to wear. : ) And I'm impressed that Amanda is into getting her hair done for dance class. She needs to share some tips with Lainie. It's a good hair day if I can sneak a barrette in just to keep her hair out of her eyes, let alone brush it. ha!

Darla said...

it's so cute to see their shoes on the wrong feet, and the sparkle shoes bring back memories for middle daughter had a red pair and they were her favorite! it always warms my heart to see your photos...thanks.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Gotta love the attention span - how quickly there minds can jump from one subject to another!

Love the picture of the backwards shoes - Savannah does the same thing - she is forever asking me, "Mama, are my shoes on right?" And of course half the time they aren't.

Great Whirly Twirlys!

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

we still do the shoes on the wrong feet thing, too.

and we have silver sparkles.

that's amazing that we ran the 1/2 in the same exact time! i can't believe how many things are parallel in our lives. funny stuff.