Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project 365, Week 17

April 19
I hadn't taken any pictures of the day, so we did a bedtime photoshoot.

April 20
The girls wore their leotards for most of the day and they were practicing First-position jumps in the kitchen.And bows.April 21
This IS a different day, although the outfit is the same. It was just Avery and I for dinner and she asked if I would sit right next to her.

April 22
Shaun painted the kitchen. Its the same color, just without all the scuff marks.

The girls are such good cleaners and enjoy doing it with me.

April 23
One of my best moments of everyday. When Avery comes downstairs from her nap, almost without fail, she finds me working in the office. She climbs up in my lap and likes to snuggle until she has woken up a bit. Oh, those little moments!

April 24
It was such a nice day so the girls and I walked down to the ball field where Daddy was playing in a scrimmage.
April 25
Two new windows in the kitchen! The old ones had lead paint, much of it on the glass and one had a cracked pane. They were very drafty and noisy to open and close.

Shaun put the new ones in within just a few hours, including staining them. It was so nice to have my handsome repair man around this week. He also wore many other hats this week, trying to lighten the load of his overwhelmed wife. Thanks, Buddy!

I'm so grateful to Sara for hosting this each week. I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project.


bentonflocke said...

each of your pics is great or cute!

Love the snuggling one most!

Congrats to your new windows

sara said...

oh that snuggling time...that was my favorite and each of my kids enjoyed the most!!

you have some awfully cute ballerinas in your house!

I am very impressed that your husband can do that!!!

Great week!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

I agree, Sydney crawling into bed with me every morning is the best part of the day... We have lead paint in all but three of our windows. So it hasn't made it into the kids bodies, but I hear you about the windows. Constant vaccuuming and teaching about bad windows! Congrats on them!

Libby said...

I love the shadow picture!

Darla said...

great's great how much they love their leotards... my girls used to do the same thing. i know i repeat myself alot with that, but it's just so true! i can't wait to see the little boy, isn't it getting close?

mom said...

You're wonderful. Glad for the new windows. Yay!

LuAnn said...

I miss snuggling with my kids. You have a talented husband too.
And the girls well too cute!
Blessings this week !

Esthermay said...

Love your kitchen cabinets. Love your kitchen floor. Love that glass door behind your dining table. Love that wallpaper and the beautiful wide floor molding. I just like what I see of your home.
Girls: ADORaBle!! Amanda in the latenight photoshoot: Priceless. . . and Avery’s smile is charming.
You remind me that I need to APPRECIATE the snuggle-requests more than I do sometimes. Someday we’ll wish we could interrupt something “important” to snuggle them. And by then they’ll be gone . . . .
Your photos are always so real and full of FAMILY. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That first picture made me laugh out loud. :)

And oh, the after-nap snuggle times - one of the best parts of my day, too. I want it to last forever...

I just noticed your beautiful flooring - the hardwood floors, and the tile in your kitchen - I love it! We really want to do hardwood floors sometime, too.

tiffany said...

So cute! Love the way she has her leotard on backwards :o) And that snuggly pic, the best!

Heather of the EO said...

I have a handyman here too. It saves us lots of money :)

The snuggling pic is so great!

Becky said...

What a full week. Its great when the hubs can take some of the pressure off mom. And the cuddle time is so sweet.