Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Day

The girls performed in the kid's choir at our church. They sang two songs and quoted John 3:16. This was Amanda's debut on any stage and she did perfect. She can be a bit of a wildcard, so we were relieved it went well.

Trying to get a decent posed picture remains to be a bit of a challenge...but they sure are cute.

We had 20ish family members over to our house for brunch after church.

This is a sight I can assure you is rarely seen around here. Avery's getting her head rubbed on one end and her feet massaged on the other. Tough missing nap time.

We let Trevor and Amanda, the two-year-olds, out first to find the really obvious eggs. Well, obvious to everyone except to two-year-olds. :) They shrieked with delight at each egg they found.

Then the middle kids got to come out...

Then the big guns, the ten-year-olds were released

Once all the eggs were found, trade negotiations began

The boys ended up with all the money eggs and the little ones got all the candy eggs and everyone was happy.

The aftermath....eggs, mud, baskets, candy wrappers...

We celebrated the four April birthdays in the family. Shaun, Tony, Madison and Chris.

It was a very special day, celebrating our Savior and being with family. It was relaxed, although not exactly quiet with eight kids. Shaun and I delight in having our house filled with family and laughter and hugs.


Vanessa/Chelsea said...

It must be so nice to have all those cousins to play with on holidays! The girls look cute. Avery is looking very grown up!

bentonflocke said...

Sure you were very proud of your two girls!

Both are very cute!

It must be great to have such a wonderful and big family as yours and to celebrate Easter with so many friends.

Seems you had wonderful Easter days!

Heather of the EO said...

Look at that LOOT :)

I love the pictures of them up front at church. It just makes your heart want to burst, huh?

Happy Easter!

Darla said...

looks like a fun day!

sara said...

sounds like a perfect day!

the "egg trading" reminded me of me and my brother at Halloween. We would go out and get all our candy then sit on the floor with our feet touching and "trade"

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

"A bit of a wildcard..." Ha! That's why we love her so much!

Seeing your group all together makes me a little homesick - I miss my family so much especially around the holidays. You're so blessed to have yours close by!

Meg A. said...

You are one ambitious pregnant mama, having EVERYONE over! You inspire me! I love the one of your Mom rubbing Avery's sweet. And the one of Amanda egg-hunting, oh my word she makes me laugh out loud!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day. The girls looked so precious! Happy Birthday to all your April birthdays. What a great month to be born ;)

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

So much fun with so much family for the holiday! Thanks for your input on the parties. Hope you're feeling well these days. You'll have another birthday to celebrate before you know it!