Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ragga-muffin Girl

In anticipation of the the warm/hot weather that is coming our way this weekend, I took the girls outside for frozen, colored sugar water (technically popsicles). Amanda's got post-nap hair, her dress is inside out, her pants are on backwards and she has Avery's church sandals on the wrong feet (she always has a fifty-fifty shot). BUT, she did it herself so its good enough for me. That, and we didn't go out in public.

Although now that I think about it, what, exactly is the difference between taking her to the grocery store like this or posting her picture on my blog for anyone in the world wide web to see. Hmmm....hopefully you all won't tsk-tsk me as quickly as the eighty-year old lady in the store who would never have let her kids out of the house like that back in her day. Or maybe worse still the twenty-year-old who swears to herself that is she ever has kids they will always look like they just got done with a Baby Gap photo shoot and not like my ragga-muffin kid.

Anyway...Daddy brought them to softball practice, giving me a much needed break. When they got home I asked Amanda about her time. I asked her if she had played with a ball.

She got very serious and said, "No, 'cause Daddy said I can't pay with da ball."

Oh, so what did you play with then?

She shrugged both shoulders, looked at me like she couldn't believe I would ask such a dumb question and said, "Da dirt."

Naturally. What was I thinking?? Outfit # 5? 6? of the day. I have to say her matching skills are greatly improving. She's getting super anxious to wear her "Florida clothes", too.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Da dirt - well, of course! ;)

Keep letting her dress herself - aside from being good in teaching independence, it is FANTASTIC blogging fodder, and I love seeing what combos she puts together! No tsk-tsking over here!

bentonflocke said...

Wonderful story and cute shots!!

Hope you could have a little break on a beautiful weekend.

Jessica said...

Looks like fun.
I never would have noticed any of that other stuff (except the shoes) if you hadn't of pointed it out. In fact, I still can't tell. It's a really cute shot!

Mari said...

Like Jessica said, I wouldn't have noticed. She's a cutie!
I see from your sidebar that you are expecting #3 and it's a boy. Our family is the same - 2 girls followed by a boy. They are all blessings!

Monica said...

Very cute this girl. I think at this age it is so cool to let them dress themselves and go out in public with what they choose. 8 year olds who are almost 9.......different story.