Friday, August 13, 2010

Aiden is Thirteen Months

Aiden is 13 months old today, which means he is practically a veteran one-year old.  Just this week, we watched his walking go from fifty percent of the time to seventy-five the next day and now he's hovering in the ninety to ninety-five.  He's quite steady as long as there is nothing in his path though he's still working on stepping over things.

He added another tooth, for a total of eight.  I wish I could say that makes him a great eater, but he is quite picky.  Neither of the girls ever turned food away or threw it on the floor, but he does both.  Things he does like are any variety of fruit, crackers, cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese and any and all forms of popsicles and ice-cream.

More and more he's aware of what his sisters are doing and how he can be involved, too.  So far they are thrilled to have him along and consider his presence to be an asset.  He has begun to enjoy the "crib time" he has with them when they go to "wake him up" after naps and in the morning.

He's been sleeping really well...12-14 hours at night.  Because of this, sometimes he only does one three-hour nap.  I'm down to nursing him just twice a day.

He knows how to do tantrums (already!)...the prostrate-on-the-floor, smack-your-head variety.  Its gotten him exactly zero so far, so hopefully it will quickly pass.

Aiden likes to be in water.  He's happy in the pool when someone is holding him, or when he's in a floaty tube.  And recently he's gotten braver about walking along the dock at the lake.  Still not thrilled about the splash park though.  However, he does put up with the torture his sisters inflict on him in the kiddie pool and in the bathtub.

He says Momma. :)  And cracker.

I think we only added one new nickname this month.  Amanda calls him "Aid".

He loves his daddy and says dada, dada! whenever he sees him.  Aiden is so much fun and I just love this age!  Oh, I'm sorry...have I been saying that for 13 months now?  Well, its true!  Its all been amazing so far.


Vanessa/Chelsea said...

LOVE that last one!

JManFan said...

Love those chubby little toes!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Adorable! Love all your pictures!

Meg A. said...

He is such a doll!!!

sara said...

the picture of him in the hat is my favorite! hard to believe he is 13 months!!

Linda said...

Aiden is A-dorable!!! I can see why you are all crazy about him...and think he is such fun.

What a beautiful are truly blessed.

Have a great Saturday!

Andrea said...

So you now have a picky eater. It is my last that is the pickiest, too. He is at the age now where I can offer him "this is dinner" and that is it. Kamden did not like the splash pad till this year so there may be hope. I want to add that I like the b&w with Aiden contemplating the football, the one with the stick in the plaid shirt and the last one. The duck in the back add so much. Cute, fun age.

Momagoose said...

I can't believe how big Aiden looks...awe!! Love the 13 months photos! :o)