Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365, Week 32

The kids and I had a quiet week, mostly at home, which is just per.fect.  Shaun is pushing hard to finish an apartment remodel, but thankfully its only a couple blocks over, so we get little visits with him throughout the day.  The weather has been wonderful, so we get out to enjoy that too.

We sang this song in church this morning and it gave me the chills:

What a wonderful maker
What a wonderful saviour
How majestic your whispers
And how humble your love
With a strength like no other
And the heart of a father
How majestic your whispers
What a wonderful God


July 31
My cousin David and his family were visiting from Idaho.  We had a great time reconnecting after many years.  They are a super sweet family and I got to pick their brains about raising such great girls.  The whole generation-thing threw me all day.  How is it that we are all parents and not splashing around in Grandma and Grandpa's pool??
August 1
August??  One of my favorite months of the year because its usually so hot, but also bittersweet because its marks the end of summer.  The kids spend hours playing in the girls room.  They put on a music cd and play pretend and so far Aiden isn't too much of a pain to them.

August 2
I can't even remember why I had my camera out but aren't they cute. :)
August 3
The girls set up a picnic on the kitchen floor.
We also wrapped up our summer bible study on Ruth by Kelly Minter.  It was excellent and I really enjoyed the food and fellowship with these 10 ladies.  On this last night there were a couple missing, and we discovered that all 9 of us are avid readers, which I thought was rather amazing.   A special group of ladies and such fun to hear about how God is real in someone else's life.

August 4
My dad and Kiki picked up their new minivan today and knew my girls had been looking forward to seeing it.  They picked us up in it and after playing in it for a while they took us to get really yummy ice-cream.  I think the last time I had been there was when Shaun and I were dating, but I can tell you I won't let that much time pass again.  Yum!

Amanda coordinated for all of us to wear our Red Sox shirts and, as a bonus, we are all wearing plaid shorts. :)
August 5
Aiden has been sleeping about 12-14 hours a night this week, which gets him up in time to watch Sesame Street with breakfast.  Avery sets up the chairs so he can see the tv and so they can all sit together.  So cute.
August 6
We went to check out the reception location for the wedding I am shooting in a couple weeks.  This lake was beautiful and the kids had fun dipping their toes in.  I prayed that the wedding day would be identical weather-wise.
August 7
I attended a 30th birthday party for my sister's SIL and also my friend.  Annie was surprised and blessed.
I'm linking up with Sara this week.  Have a blessed 8-14!


Henry Elliss said...

The fence-post hugging picture is adorable!

The Bug said...

Your girls play so well together! I love how they include their brother. I hope that doesn't change - but I remember stories of how much I loved my brother (21 months younger) & I also remember how we picked on each other when we got oder. My poor mom!

H-Mama said...

love, love, love the kitchen picnic. great pictures!

{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

Wasn't that Kelly Minter study amazing? I've so totally enjoyed it and learned so much more than I expected to. God is good at that! I'm happy to know that so many other women (including you!) got so much out of it as well.

Tori said...

Jeremy Camp is such an annointed writer/musician!
I love the girls and their picnic is great!
The ice cream on Aiden's face is adorable!! Good job coordinating the outfits too!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Your kids always look so happy and content.

What a blessing your hubby is working nearby! We would absolutely love to have "Daddy" drop by here and there all day.