Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project 365, Week 34

Playing catch-up.  I much prefer posting each week...I feel like much of the moment is lost when I'm trying to re-cap two weeks out.  There are still growing pains with my new photo organization and editing program and still some photos that I just cannot find but know there are in here.

August 15
My dad went to the store with me to buy some new cabinets for an apartment.  He helped me load them into the cart and into the pickup truck and what I mean by help me is that he did it all himself and I was there to observe.  As a fun surprise he took us to a restaurant in the same plaza.  I know I have more pictures of the evening...where are they?

August 16
10:30 at night and the kids are all happily playing in their room together.  I know...its a different schedule than you might have but it works for us.
August 17
The girls are now well aware that I can hear everything they do through the baby monitor.  When they want to call for me or tell me something, they talk right into it, expecting to hear me answer.  Aiden has observed this and was talking with authority into his monitor.
August 18
Splash park with cousins.  Aiden likes it now that he is walking.
August 19
Not very exciting (no offense, Pastor Donnie), but all I captured for the day were a bunch of head shots for a catalog that church is putting out in the fall.  Later I met a friend for coffee and we sat outside for several hours enjoying the evening.
August 20
The girls have really enjoyed our neighbor's puppies.  They've spent a lot of time looking out the window waiting for them to come outside to eat and play.  Avery finally wanted to hold one and was pleased with herself.
August 21
First evening in Block Island...our view from the front porch.


Momagoose said...

Ahhh...Donnie made your blog!!! Too cute!! haha! :o) Great shot! :o)

The Bug said...

You really are a most excellent photographer - but I guess you sort of know that by now I hope (you DO, don't you?).

Those puppies are so cute!