Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Block Island 2010

Our 8th Annual trip to Block Island was different this year in that we rented a house instead of being on the boat (since it wasn't put in the water at all this season).  We were pleasantly surprised at how great the house was and the eight of us agreed that, although the boat has its adventure and charm, the house was much better suited for eight adults, especially when we were house-bound for three days.

The weather was wild!  When we arrived on Saturday, we were able to get a couple hours on the beach before the clouds started rolling in.  Then for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we were right in the middle of hurricane-like conditions...rain and constant wind day and night, temps in the 60's.  So bad in fact, that all the ferries to and from the island were cancelled.  The grocery store ran out of milk, bread and, worst of all...Double Stuffed Oreos (most devastating for C2).

Shaun is not a big beach person, so the weather actually worked out fine for us.  We got to read, nap, play on the computer, prepare for Fantasy Football draft, snuggle, play cards.  All this without guilt and interruption....what more could you ask for out of a vacation?
Shaun and I walked down to the beach in the drizzle and took advantage of the deserted beach and killer waves.  The next day when we went back there was a "no swimming" flag posted.
I'm smiling here because I made it out after getting tossed pretty good. :)
Computer time, albeit a slow connection.
Strategizing for fantasy football.
The really, really nice shower where I spent lots of time at least once a day.
Random shot while working through the owner's manual for my camera.
Watching HGTV and playing with the camera
Wednesday gave us a few hours of early morning sun.
We went out to celebrate Karen and Colombo's anniversary and enjoyed a yummy dinner outside.
One of our favorite traditions each year...
The nearly full moon emerging...
A call to Nathan and Laryssa, who were watching the kids, allowed us to extend our stay one extra day so on Thursday we were able to get a sunny day at the beach before catching the ferry home.  Thanks to my mom and Russ, who had the first shift, and Nathan and Laryssa, we had a worry-free, relaxing vacation and the kids had fun, too.  Here's one of the pics I was texted, caption: a zebra, a lion and a very confused little boy.

For I am the LORD your God, who churns up the sea so that its waves roar— the
LORD Almighty is his name.

Isaiah 51:15


Meg A. said...

What a great recap! Sounds like such a fun trip too, rainy weather and all. I feel relaxed just reading about it! :)

Darla said...

looks like a fun trip! your kiddos are reminding me once again of the past :') i can always count on you all to do that for me. i have many photos of my girls pushing baby brother in the little tikes car. great memories!!...especially since now they are all driving away in real cars together.