Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aiden is Twenty-One Months

My little guy just keeps getting bigger...just like he is supposed to do.  He is such a snuggle guy and still knows how to get nice and little in my arms, which is still his favorite place to be in the world. :)  He is so affectionate.  He often goes from Avery to Amanda to me and back again giving us hugs or kisses...always unprompted and always heart-melting.  This month he said "i wa oo" (I love you) for the first time.  Ah...he owns me! :)He does his best to comfort Amanda when she's crying.  

Speaking of Amanda, the two of them really know how to push each other's buttons.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out.  We already separate them in the car...sheesh.

He got to see baseball on TV for the first time and was immediately interested and he also got to go to Shaun's softball practice, which he was in awe of.  Should prove to be an interesting season keeping him off the field! :)

He's also completely obsessed with "Daddy's bood" (wood).  I'll do a separate post on it...its out of control.  A similar problem with balls.  He's actually pretty good at throwing and catching.

He's talking great and has lots of complete sentences, like Mom, I see the moon!

There's a forsythia tree outside his window and he says very deliberately and proud of himself yellow tree! (yellow is a hard word. :)

He says woo-hoo! when he gets excited, usually when I'm taking him out of his carseat.  The enthusiasm for simple things is contagious.

We are done with sippy cups, not on purpose...it just kind of happened.  He really likes wearing his shoes and sometimes wants to pick them out.

Loves his bed, goes down easily, just sticks his blanket in his mouth and rolls over, usually sleeps on his stomach with his bum in the air.  And he still sleeps a lot, though he's usually up by 10 AM now and has a pretty consistent bedtime of 9 and one three-hour nap.

We love him to pieces...just wish all of life would just slow down a tiny bit! :)


The Bug said...

Such a cutie - and all boy apparently :)

LuAnn said...

What a peanut and I it is awesome to see the sisterly love with him too.

Great job on all of the pictures.

My favorite is the last one.

Amy said...

He is VERY sweet indeed. Love him. I just wish I was around hime more to enjoy all that you are. He's really a very sweet dude and so smart!

Love the last pic with the girls holding his hand.

Precious memories all around!

Shelva said...

Hey I was looking at your blog with Symeon and here were his comments. He said is that Avery she has gotten taller. Then he said Aiden is beautiful and I told him he was right. He is beautiful. Then he asked if Aiden was asking his dog a question and it does kind of look like that. Tell Avery Symeon loved the thank you note. much love to you all.