Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365, Week 16

I have a ton of pictures from this week, which means one thing...I should have blogged more throughout the week! :)  But here we are and I'm just going to go ahead and post them, because I know the likelihood of me going back to do it is slim to none.

April 10
My entire family gathered at my dad's church to witness the dedication of my youngest nephew, Wyatt Zane.  This is my brother's sweet, young family.
 I love this picture because my brother has spit-up on his shoulder and it just reminds me what an awesome dad he is (and how I still can't believe he IS a dad :).
 And this one is fraught with meaning and symbolism.
 Then all the grandkids (not all pictured) got up to sing.  What a crew!
 April 11
We took advantage of a nice day and did some yard work.  Avery is such a hard worker.
 Quickly the sticks became crosses and they were trying to glue them together with a glue stick while re-enacting the Easter story.

April 12
It just doesn't get old to me to see Shaun's grandparents interacting with the kids, their legacy.  Avery read him the whole book and he helped her with the words she had trouble with.  His delight in them is so pure and genuine.
 Aiden and I joined the family to watch dress rehearsal #1.  So fun!
 April 13
Dress rehearsal #2.  There is going to be a lot of these Passion of the King pictures because...well, that is what we are all about this week and next.

 April 14
Sarah and Jared came for a visit and we went for a walk.  Jared got Trot tired out and did some Extreme Stroller Racing for the girls.  How precious is this?
 April 15
Shaun spent his birthday preparing taxes and then rushed to church for opening night.  We brought up a cake and brownies and 100 people sang happy birthday to him.  Sadly, he never got a piece of cake, but Aiden was happy to be in his daddy's arms for 30 seconds, anyway.
 April 16
I have such city girls.  They thought they were in "the woods" looking for balls.  Avery said, Mom!  I just found this baseball near that cliff over there!  Cliff?  What is sad about this picture is that we all wore our winter coats for our walk...on April 16!  That is just wrong.  Aiden just wanted to relax in the stroller under the blanket.
I understand I run the risk of seeming like a bad parent by posting the following, but I guess by now you've probably formed your opinions about me anyway. :)  

Aiden got locked in our bedroom and after several minutes of attempting to get him out I realized there was no chance I was going to get him out.  Shaun was unavailable so I went to get my neighbor.  He also tried many different things.  It was kind of a humorous situation even though Aiden was beside himself crying behind the door.  My neighbor was so patient with the girls as they tried to offer their help and advice.  He didn't even discount Amanda's thought that maybe stringing a balloon ribbon through the key hole would do the trick.  Eventually he took part of the door jam off and used a credit card, a skill he learned in his "wasted youth". :)

Aiden was a bit traumatized when he got out so I laid down with him the five minutes it took him to fall asleep.  So thankful for good neighbors...I know those guys would do just about anything for us.
And we ended the day celebrating Shaun's birthday.  Nathan and Laryssa took the kids over night and we went to dinner and did a little shopping.  It was wonderful to spend some time felt like it had been a really long time since we've had a conversation consisting of more than coordinating schedules.  Happy Birthday and happy (almost) end of tax season!
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sara said...

I think that most parents have some kind of story like your own about Aiden!! It happens to the best of us!! So glad you have such wonderful neighbors!!!

Love the pictures from Passion of the King!!! Can't wait to see more.

You had dinner at one of my favorite rest...melting pot!! We don't have one here so whenever I go to Memphis or Houston, I try to eat there! I just love fondue!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week...loving the dress rehearsal pics...I am sure the show is AMAZING! Such cuties you have! Happy Easter week!! And happy birthday to your hubby!!

The Bug said...

Poor Aiden. We learned very early on how to unlock the locked doors in our house (very easy locks). So I guess my parents never had any privacy until we were old enough to know not to bother them :)

Happy birthday to Shaun! This really is a busy season for him - I'll be he likes a later Easter better.

The Cyber Hermit said...

The dress rehearsal pictures are wonderful - especially the look of concentration on the kids' faces.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Lisa, those pictures are wonderful! I think my favorite is of grandpa reading with one of your little ones:) Thanks for your comment on my blog, I loved hearing from you! I can't wait to read more of your blog, looks like you have a sweet family! :)

RaD said...

If people judge you because of that they either 1) have never had children or 2) can't admit their own faults in parenting. It happens. At least you had someone to help get him out. I once locked my baby in the car and realized my mistake the second I closed his door. Thankfully his babysitter's husband came to the rescue. He cried some but was fine.

Great pictures of your nephew's baby dedication and also of the play.

Happy Birthday to Shaun!

Mimi said...

Love all the kid pics, they're so precious!

Have a great week,

Meg A. said...

Can we please dress the cousins up as the Von Trapps this Halloween?! Seriously, it'd be PERFECT!! I know Mady and Avery would go for it! :)


I love the children pictures for this week. You managed to capture such expressiveness on each child's face.