Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Day

Have I built the suspense up enough for this final post of our Easter celebrations?  I'm kidding...I thought I'd get to it sooner and it just didn't happen, but here it is, Part III of our Easter.

Because we go to church on Saturday nights, we get to start our rejoicing early.

My best girls....took quite some doing to get Avery's outfit all put together, took Amanda no time at all to select a dress from Avery's hand-me-down selection.

 ...with handsome cousin Trevor...always extra big smiles when they are in the presence of cousins. :)
 Our family, about as cleaned up as we get. :)
The next morning started quiet...I had the house to myself until about 9:30 when people started to wake up.  For the second year, I chose a brunch menu for our Easter "dinner".  Its partly selfish, since breakfast is my very favorite meal, but I think its also a good chance to do something different than the standard meat and potatoes.  Everyone pitched in and brought something and we ended up with an amazing spread that tasted even better than it looked on my pool table-turned buffet table.
 Sienna got one year-old duty in the kitchen...
The kids patiently waited and then it was finally time...Shaun explained the guidelines, and they were OFF!
 The babies were SO into was completely sweet.

 Well really, they were all into it. :)

 Shaun looking quite fine in easter colors
 Sweet Maddie

My sister Amy (blue) with her in-laws, who we are fortunate enough to call friends and extended family.
 More family!
 Shaun's mom and her granddaughter Alayna.
We were surprised to see my dad and Kiki...they came after "only" doing three services that day, eight for the weekend in total...busy time for pastors!
These were the babies last year and we remember saying next year they will be up and running around.
Sure enough, they are one year bigger and more definitely running around.  These three are actually pretty low-key though.
Speaking of big kids, Colombo and Jared were hard at work with the scavenger hunt that Uncle Nathan put together for him.
While we were all together we celebrated three April birthdays

It was a great family day...very relaxed and enjoyable...and warm!  So thankful we serve a risen Savior!!


The Bug said...

These are great pictures! LOVE Amanda's boots - and all the kids are so cute. Looks like everyone had a great time.

I have to say that Shaun DOES look fine in his Easter colors ;)

sara said...

did I really read that your family ALL slept till 9:30?!!!! I only had ONE boys were always up by 7:00 am...and that late only because I had a rule they couldn't get out of bed till then!!!! they are still early risers!!

beautiful pictures!!!!

H-Mama said...

what fun memories made and captured. you look stunning, my dear. ;)

Momagoose said...

Hi Lisa!!! So glad to be back... love the Easter pics... especially how you said that is as cleaned up as you get... too cute!!! :) Love and Hugs to you guys! xo!